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    Hope in a Ballet Shoe: Orphaned by War, Saved by Ballet: An Extraordinary True Story

    R89,00 R150,00
    Growing up in war-torn Sierra Leone, she witnessed atrocities that no child ever should. Her father was killed by rebels and her mother died of famine. Sent to an orphanage, Michaela DePrince was mistreated. Then she and her best friend are adopted by an American couple. But life in the States isn't without difficulties. This book tells her story.

    Myth Performance in the African Diasporas: Ritual, Theatre, and Dance

    R1 259,00
    This book examines the concept and practice of myth performance in African Diaspora dramas and dances. These six essays chart a new path that enriches and enhances the understanding of African diaspora myth performance in literary and diaspora studies.

    The Ballet Lover's Companion

    R468,00 R550,00

    Dance History: An Introduction

    R1 105,00
    This revised core text addresses the rationale, process, techniques and methodologies specific to the study of dance history. A team of dance historians covers the study of dance in its traditional and performance contexts, offering a range of starting points for study.

    Pointe Shoes: Tips and Tricks

    Intended for beginners, students and professionals, this book put together many tips and tricks for personal pointe shoe tuning. It shows how to modify shoes step-by-step, using scissors, needle and thread, hot water and elastic, to adapt them perfectly to the foot and to all types of floor surface, and to help them last as long as possible.

    Bolshoi Confidential: Secrets of the Russian Ballet from the Rule of the Tsars to Today

    R249,00 R350,00
    On a freezing night in January 2013, an assailant hurled acid in the face of the artistic director of the Bolshoi Ballet, Sergei Filin. The crime, organized by a lead soloist, dragged one of Russia's most illustrious institutions into scandal.

    Are Ye Dancin'?: The Story of Scotland's Dance Halls - And How Yer Dad Met Yer Ma!

    R217,00 R325,64
    Are Ye Dancin'? - The first-ever inside story of how Scotland's ballrooms and dance halls remained a central part of Scottish culture throughout the 20th Century. Told by the people who made it happen, the agents, managers and promoters. Eddie Tobin is the author.

    Envisioning Dance on Film and Video: Dance for the Camera

    R1 010,00
    Virtually everyone working in dance uses electronic media technology. This work chronicles this 100-year history and gives readers insight on how dance creatively exploits the art and craft of film and video. It explores various aspects of the process of rendering a three-dimensional art form in two-dimensional electronic media.

    Lesson Plans for Creative Dance: Connecting with Literature, Arts, and Music

    Children love to express themselves through movement. This title helps you guide them through a range of actions and dances that can help them develop both physically and mentally. It is suitable for physical education teachers, classroom teachers and dance specialists as well as for students on teacher training courses.

    Safe Dance Practice

    R695,00 R712,73
    Every dancer of every age, ability, and style should be able to engage fully in the act of dancing and be encouraged to achieve their potential. Safe Dance Practice takes a multidisciplinary approach to the components of dancing safely, integrating principles without compromising dancers' artistic creativity and expression.

    Dancers Among Us: A Celebration of Joy in the Everyday

    R272,00 R274,42
    Presents photographs of dancers leaping, spinning, lifting, kicking - but in the midst of daily life: on the beach, at a construction site, in a library, a restaurant, a park. Organized around themes of work, play, love, exploration, dreaming, and more, this book celebrates life in a way that's fresh, surprising, original, universal.

    Teaching Dance as Art in Education

    R1 036,00
    Suitable for students taking dance and dance education courses. This book helps teachers know what to expect from children of different ages when teaching dance. It describes the main developmental aspects of teaching dance, addressing the intellectual, physical, artistic, social and emotional aspects.

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    Mark Morris: Musician - Choreographer

    R1 585,00
    Of any choreographer working today, the American Mark Morris is most often cited for emphasis on musical values and standing within the music profession. This book is the first detailed study of Morris's use of music, revealing an unmatched range of approaches to music and strategies for making us hear musical scores in new ways.

    Strictly Ballroom: Tales from the Dancefloor

    R230,00 R270,00
    In this delightful and gently humorous book, Diana Melly takes us on an eye-opening tour of dance halls up and down the country, introducing us to everything from tango to swing.