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    Crystal Experience: Godsfield Experience

    R129,00 R210,00

    The Crystal Bible: Godsfield Bibles: Volume 3

    R136,00 R160,00
    Over 250 new-generation stones for healing and spiritual alchemy.

    Life-Changing Crystals

    R306,00 R360,00
    Judy Hall's Life-changing Crystals reveals how you can work with crystal power to transform every area of your life. Using the Law of Attraction - the principle that like attracts like - learn how to create what you want with your positive thoughts, wishes and crystals.

    Crystals, Orion Plain and Simple

    R166,00 R195,00
    A practical guide on how crystals can heal, divine the future and enhance psychic powers.

    The Encyclopedia of Crystals

    R281,00 R330,00
    In this new edition of the classic Encyclopedia of Crystals, internationally best-selling author Judy Hall presents a comprehensive guide to more than 400 powerfully healing crystals and stones, plus information about more than 150 newly discovered stones.

    The Little Book of Crystals: Crystals to Attract Love, Wellbeing and Spiritual Harmony into Your Life

    R115,00 R135,00
    Discover how crystals can enrich your life with The Little Book of Crystals - from bestselling author and crystal expert Judy Hall.

    Crystals: How to Use Crystals and Their Energy to Enhance Your Life

    R183,00 R185,95
    A guide to working with crystals that shows you how to sense the energy of these precious stones and choose the right ones to support you in different areas of your life - from health and abundance to relationships and career. It takes you through what you need to know about these beautiful gems and the benefits they can bring to your life.

    Colour Therapy A-Z

    Colour is powerful, it can alter a space, enhance a particular mood and excite the senses. Purchasing choices are made within seconds, driven by colour alone. The correct colour palette will support self development and well being in the individual, create a sanctuary and harmony in the home and drive productivity and success in business.

    Crystal Bible

    R315,00 R349,27

    Change Your Energy, Change Your Life: Using Healing Crystals for Health, Wealth, Love and Luck

    R226,00 R237,45
    Krista Mitchell, known as the 'Rock Whisperer' for her fresh take on healing with crystals, is a counsel to leading figures in the arts, television, film, fashion and more. Her practical, fun guide provides the basics of working with crystals, including guidelines for creating your own collection.

    101 Power Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Magical Crystals, Gems, and Stones for Healing and Transformation

    R277,00 R302,91
    Top crystal expert and author Judy Hall, presents 101 crystals everyone should know more about.

    The Attainment of Crystal Vision

    R561,00 R595,53