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    Shaman or Sherlock?: The Native American Detective

    R3 125,00
    Fictional depictionms of Native American concepts of justice, crime, and the investigation of crime are explores in this work. It covers depictions created by Native American authors themselves, as well as those created by outsiders with mainstream agendas.

    The Kray Portfolio (1000 Published)

    R3 232,00

    Camino Island (Limited Edition)

    R4 031,00

    The Stone Lion and Other Chinese Detective Stories: Wisdom of Lord Bau

    R3 402,00
    Presents ten tales featuring Lord Bau, a wise judge who was a champion of righteousness and protector of the weak against the powerful.

    The Detective in American Fiction, Film and Television

    R2 635,00
    The detective, as a symbol of American popular culture, has become the subject of a variety of theoretical exploration. These essays, investigating that figure, demonstrate how the genre embodies the contradictions of American society including issues of class, gender and race.


    R2 770,00

    Theory and Practice of Classic Detective Fiction

    R2 848,00
    This collection of essays explores classic detective fiction from a variety of contemporary viewpoints. Among the diverse perspectives are those which interrogate how the genre reflects social and cultural attitudes and interpret the role of the detective as arbiter of "truth".