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    The Agatha Raisin Radio Drama Collection

    R1 032,00 R1 396,89
    A box set collection of ten BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramas of the popular mysteries by M.C. Beaton, starring Penelope Keith as amateur sleuth Agatha Raisin. 'Agatha Raisin - sharp, witty, hugely intelligent, unfailingly entertaining, delightfully intolerant and oh so magnificently non-pc' - Anne Robinson.

    Agatha Christie: Power and Illusion

    R2 246,00
    This study shows how she sought to reconcile her attachment to the Victorian past with her recognition of a new society that undermined established order and in doing so gave more opportunities to women, confused class-boundaries, extended tolerance, allowed the cult of pleasure and self-assertion and revealed the ambiguities of respectability.

    The Cursed Canoe: A Mahina State Mystery

    R1 252,00 R1 372,72

    Defiance & Doness

    R1 445,00

    Lawless Government

    R1 226,00

    Mohamed Atta 9/11 Hijackers

    R1 058,00


    R1 698,00

    Blizzard Book 1 Linda Ann Martens

    R1 067,00

    Blizzard Book 2 Linda Ann Martens

    R1 084,00

    Kraysbirth to Death

    R1 317,00

    Twentieth-Century Crime Fiction

    R1 125,00
    Examines a variety of twentieth-century Anglo-American detective and crime fiction. This work covers the main sub-genres of crime fiction from the days of Sherlock Holmes to those of Hannibal Lecte. It is designed to meet the needs of students, introducing important critical concepts and tracing generic development.


    R1 128,00 R1 256,70
    Can a dream foretell the future? That is one of the central questions of Armadale, one of Wilkie Collins' lesser-known novels. But even though it is not as famous as The Woman in White or The Moonstone, it is still written with the psychological awareness and piercing character studies of the best of Collins' work.