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    Stone Cold


    The Girl Who Wasn't There

    A smart, chilling tale of truth, deception and the reach of the law, THE GIRL WHO WASN'T THERE is the latest crime thriller from the acclaimed author of The Collini Case, a Waterstones Book Club pick.

    Hidden Depths

    A killer watching ... a community waits...

    The Fear Index: A Gripping Race-Against-Time Financial Thriller, from the Award-Winning Master of the Literary Thriller Genre

    Meet Alex Hoffmann: among the secretive inner circle of the ultra-rich, he is something of a legend. Based in Geneva, he has developed a revolutionary system that has the power to manipulate financial markets. Generating billions of dollars, it is a system that thrives on panic - and feeds on fear.

    The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party

    Mma Ramotswe's twelfth adventure

    Dark Secrets

    Roger, a sixteen-year-old boy, disappears in Vasteras, Sweden. The search does not get underway until a few days later and the boy is then found murdered. The federal police take over the investigation.

    Concrete Blonde

    When maverick LAPD Harry Bosch shot and killed Norman Church, the police were convinced it marked the end of the search for the Dollmaker, one of the city's most bizarre serial killers. But now, Church's widow is accusing Bosch of killing the wrong man, and to make things worse, Bosch has just received a taunting message apparently from the Dollmaker.

    Red Dahlia

    A young girl is found dumped on the banks of the Thames. Horrifically mutilated and drained of blood, her death is an ominous mirror image of an unsolved 1940s case in Los Angeles known a The Black Dahlia. Detective Inspector Anna Travis must race against time to catch this copycat killer, dubbed 'The Red Dahlia' fromt he flower his vitim wore in her hair. But there are no suspects and a media frenzy is spiralling out of control. Anna turns to her mentor, the volatile Detective Chief Inspector James Langton, but the frictions of ther romantic relationship are complictaing the case. And as Anna and Langton close in on the prime suspect, they uncover a shocking web of sadistic sexual evil - and a family's murderous secrets...

    Set in Stone

    Recovering from the recent death of his wife in a tragic accident, Tony Sheridan goes to stay with his sister-in-law, Lucy, and her husband, long-time friend Matt, in their home in the country. Disturbed by memories of his wife, and an attraction for Lucy, he starts having weird dreams.


    'I've always thought the secret to dealing with dath was to keep it at arm's length. But my rule didn't protect me...' Shocked by his brother's death, Jack McEvoy, crime reporter, investigates a surprising rise in police suicides. A disturbing pattern of coincidences suggests that a cop-killer is choosing his victims with terrible care. Coast-to-coast Jack follows a trail of unusual 'suicide notes'. He may be on the story of a lifetime but, scarier still, 'the Poet' knows that Jack is on his trail.

    The Innocent

    A assassin with a mission. But whose side is he on?

    First Among Equals

    Playing for the highest stakes of all ...

    Asbury Park

    ASBURY PARK: a twisted supernatural thriller in the vein of Stephen King, from a master storyteller. Nothing and no one is quite what they seem.

    The Darkest Day

    One night. One target. A city in chaos. Thriller master Tom Wood crafts a non-stop, explosive thriller as ruthless hitman Victor hunts female assassin Raven through a blacked-out Manhattan.

    The Liar

    Betrayed by the man she loved. Can she ever trust again? The brand-new novel of love, drama and hope from legendary Nora Roberts

    Hope to Die

    Detective Alex Cross has lost everything and everyone he's ever cared about. His enemy, Thierry Mulch, is holding his family. Driven by feelings of hatred and revenge, Mulch is threatening to kill them all, and break Cross for ever. In a race against time, he must defeat Mulch, and find his wife and children - no matter what it takes.