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    Final Winter

    R59,00 R135,00
    A traitor is working at the heart of the US Government's counter-terrorism unit, threatening to destroy the very organisation established to protect America from disaster.

    What it Was

    R69,00 R191,45
    A riveting crime thriller from the writer of THE WIRE.

    Red Fox

    R69,00 R185,00
    When Italy's most ruthless terrorist is captured her lover uses a British businessman, who has been kidnapped in Rome, as a bargaining tool to free her and unleashes forces which threaten to escape everyone's control.


    A report of a rare and unusual gun - a type favoured by assassins - being smuggled into the country sparks Detective Harry Hole's interest. Then a former WW2 Nazi sympathiser is found with his throat cut. Next, Harry's former partner is murdered. Why had she been trying to reach Harry on the night she was killed? As Harry's investigation unfolds, it becomes clear that the killer is hell-bent on serving his own justice. And while the link between the cases remains a mystery, one thing is certain: he must be stopped.

    You are Next

    R69,00 R160,00
    Detective Karin Schaeffer was a happily married mother in New York when her life was shattered by a serial killer. After Price murdered Karin's husband and daughter, she attempted suicide. Now he has escaped prison and is on his way to find her... And Karin wants to die. When Price finally strikes, she almost lets him take her life.

    He Who Fears the Wolf

    R59,00 R205,00
    A twelve-year-old boy runs into his local police station claiming to have seen a brutally dismembered corpse. Errki Johrma, an escaped psychiatric patient and known town misfit, was spotted at the scene before he disappeared into the woods. As the search for Halldis Horn's killer continues, all fingers of suspicion point to Errki - except one.

    The Facility

    R29,00 R180,00
    The startling second novel from the critically lauded author of Rupture

    The Full Cupboard of Life

    R79,00 R185,00
    This title is fifth in the "No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency" series.

    The Fifth Heart

    R69,00 R210,00
    The brilliant new novel from the bestselling author of Hyperion and The Terror featuring Sherlock Holmes as you've never seen him before.

    Abel se lot

    R200,00 R240,00
    Boek twee in die Abel-rillertrilogie. Wanneer ’n inbraak uitloop op ’n sterfgeval, moet inspekteur Ella Neser die skuldiges aan die pen te laat ry. Sy is egter nie die enigste een op hulle spoor nie. Is Abel Lotz terug, of is daar ’n nuwe moordenaar in Doradopark?

    A Man of Sorrows

    R59,00 R155,52
    The sixth in the thrilling Inspector Carlyle crime series set in the heart of London's West End taking in all the memorable places like Covent Garden, Piccadilly Circus and the British Museum.

    Angels and Demons

    R79,00 R180,00
    A famous scientist is found dead, a strange symbol burned brutally into his skin. Many miles away in Rome, the world's cardinals assemble to elect a new Pope. Somewhere in the Vatican, a bomb of vast power begins its countdown. Working out the puzzle against the clock, can Robert Langdon stop it detonating?

    The Ghost

    R59,00 R145,00
    The narrator of this novel is a professional ghostwriter. Accustomed to working with fading rock stars and minor celebrities, he jumps at the chance to ghost the memoirs of Britain's former prime minister. But it doesn't take him long to realise he has made a terrible mistake.

    Dangerous Lady

    R69,00 R185,00
    Martina's explosive first novel of corruption and violence

    Dark Hollow

    R69,00 R225,00
    The terrifying thriller from the acclaimed and bestselling author of Every Dead Thing

    A Wanted Man

    When you're as big and rough as Jack Reacher - and you have a badly set, freshly busted nose - it isn't easy to hitch a ride. At last, he's picked up by three strangers - two men and a woman. Within minutes it becomes clear they're all lying about everything - and there's a police roadblock ahead.