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    Knack Chess for Everyone: A Step-by-Step Guide to Rules, Moves & Winning Strategies

    Knack Chess for Everyone provides an alternative: a clear, understandable, and fun entry into chess that doesn't ignore the complexities and challenges.

    Crochet flowers

    R193,00 R220,00
    Crochet flowers are a favourite with needlecrafters because they can be made from scraps of yarn, are small and therefore achievable, and they are versatile. Use them to add charm to decor projects such as pillows, guest towels, or napkin holders, or gather them into a pretty corsage for a lapel or hat trim.

    Better Bridge with a Better Memory: How Mnemonics Will Improve Your Game

    A book to strengthen your memory in relation to the conventions you use and the strategies you employ in bidding and play

    Will Shortz Presents the Ultimate Kenken Omnibus: 500 Easy to Hard Logic Puzzles That Make You Smarter

    R261,00 R263,85
    Perfect for solvers who just can't get enough, this colossal collection contains 500 easy to hard KenKen puzzles -- perfect for novices and experts alike. Features:
    - 500 easy-to-hard KenKen puzzles
    - Edited by legendary "New York Times" crossword editor Will Shortz""
    - Big grids with lots of space for easy solving

    The Amateur's Lathe

    R193,00 R287,79
    First published in 1948, this is the classic, definitive work on the use of the small (3 1/2 inch) lathe which has proved invaluable to generations of light engineers, small garage owners and precision hobbyists, apprentices and engineering professionals alike.

    Machine Embroidery with Confidence

    R327,00 R331,49

    The Sewing Book

    R476,00 R500,00
    The ultimate sewing bible for beginners, students and seasoned stitchers wanting to perfect their skills.


    R464,00 R480,00
    Provides all the know-how you need to create your own wardrobe. This book gives you the tools you need to make, alter and customise your own clothes, from choosing the right fabrics to key techniques such as hemming and hand stitching. It is packed with advice, inspiration and the patterns you need to create beautiful clothes.

    Steampunk Emporium: Creating Fantastical Jewelry, Devices and Oddments from Assorted Cogs, Gears and Curios

    R284,00 R458,11
    Let Steampunk Emporium outfit you for the unabashed adventure of a lifetime.

    Tilda's Studio: Over 50 Fresh Projects for You and Your Home

    A collection of over 50 projects inspired by Tilda's studio. It lets you choose from a variety of designs for yourself and your home, including bags, accessories, clothing, decorating, gifts and soft toys. It uses the colour palette that includes shades of lavender, pink, teal, turquoise, green and blue.

    The Willow Pattern Story


    Bottle Art: Reduce. Reuse. Recycle

    R123,00 R137,44
    Used glass bottles and a few basic materials can easily be transformed into stylish projects like a terrarium, a snow globe, a vase, jewelry, gifts and more!

    I Used to Know That: Stuff You Forgot from School

    A light-hearted and informative reminder of all the things that we learnt in school but have forgotten, this book features hundreds of important snippets of wisdom, facts, theories, equations, phrases, rules and sayings. It covers English Language and Literature, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Geography and General Studies.

    Machine Embroidered Woodlands

    R211,00 R306,21
    Helps readers learn how to create beautiful woodland pictures using various combinations of two simple machine stitches. This book offers coverage including the materials required; how to compose a picture from photographs that have inspired you; painting backgrounds; and, the basic stitch techniques.