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    Guide to Homeopathy

    R10,00 R17,50
    The homeopath treats illness as a sign of disorder or imbalance in the body, making use of signs and characteristics in the patient that conventional medical practioners would deam irrelevant. This book is a detailed account of the major and minor remedies avaiable in homeopathy, the most respected branch of complementary medicine. As well as providing a short history of this important medicine, the book contains a useful index of complaints and disorders.

    Good Medicine: Safe, Natural Ways to Solve Over 75 Common Health Problems

    R249,00 R310,00
    A groundbreaking book that reveals the most effective, safe and natural ways to help prevent and reverse many illnesses, Good Medicine puts you back in control of your health.

    Vital Signs for Cancer: How to Prevent, Reverse and Monitor the Cancer Process

    R129,00 R195,00
    If you are concerned about cancer, Vital Signs gives new information and hope. It presents a radical new concept - a complementary approach to preventing, monitoring and reversing the cancer process.

    Infuse: Herbal Teas to Cleanse, Nourish and Heal

    Creative herbal blends for cleansing, rejuvenation, digestion, sleep, circulation, soothing the nervous system, calming the mind and much more.

    Imperfectly Natural Woman: The Pocket Book

    Written by the author who became a kind of 'holistic spokesperson' for her life long passion of eco, and alternative health issues.

    Forever Beautiful: The Age-Defying Detox Plan

    In the age of Botox, plastic surgery, and chemically engineered anti-aging products, this book offers respite from the madness and new hope for the future.

    Fix Your Mood with Food: The Live Natural, Live Well Approach to Whole Body Health

    Manage your moods by combining the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the modern knowledge of Western nutrition.

    The Essential Guide to Holistic and Complementary Therapy

    This text gives comprehensive coverage of the all the requirements of three courses: the VTCT Holistic Diploma and the VTCT Complementary Diploma and the more modest needs of the City and Guilds Progress Awards in Holistics. It also supoorts and covers the needs of stand-alone qualifications.

    Energy Healing for Everyone: A Path to Wholeness and Awakening

    "Energy Healing for Everyone" is for anyone who wishes to access healing for body, mind, and soul.

    The vital health factor in healing

    The vital factor in healing takes the author's holistic medicine principles and as he would in a one-on-one with you, coaches you to find your "inner map" to healing.

    The Wizard's Guide to Energy Healing: Introducing the Divine Healing Secrets of Merlin

    Merlin inspired magical energy healing system as playful as Harry Potter and more powerful than Reiki.

    A Doctor's Guide to Alternative Medicine: What Works, What Doesn't, and Why

    This book outlines the benefits and dangers of alternative medicine, drawing on scientific research to show which treatments work, which don't, and how to use them. It offers a balanced, unbiased perspective backed by science.

    Easy Reflexology

    R135,00 R180,00
    A guide, which presents a reflexology treatment for the body. It is divided into sections according to body reflexes, with captions and reference diagrams highlighting the reflex area or point being worked on in the various steps.

    Hypnotize Yourself Out of Pain Now!: A Powerful, User-Friendly Program for Anyone Searching for Immediate Pain Relief

    Hypnosis for pain management is not an invented therapy or clinical application, but in fact has been employed with great success for more than two centuries. This book focuses on your role in being your own healer and looks at ways to improve your relationship with yourself. It helps you explore a range of hypnotic and self- hypnosis techniques.