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    The relatively public life of Jules Browde

    R205,00 R240,00
    The Relatively Public Life of Jules Browde turns the conventions of a biography inside out. It is more than the portrait of an unusual South African life, it is the moving tale of a complex and tender relationship between grandfather and grandson, and an exploration of how we are made and unmade in the stories we tell about our lives.

    Everyone's guide to the Consumer Protection Act

    R49,00 R250,00
    Whether you want to buy a television or a car, provide a service, file a consumer complaint or return an item to a seller, you need to know your rights under the new Consumer Protection Act ...

    My own liberator

    R255,00 R299,00
    In this memoir, the first of two, Dikgang Moseneke pays homage to the many people and places that have helped to define and shape him. These influences include his ancestry; his parents; his immediate and extended family; and his education both in school and on Robben Island as a 15-year-old prisoner.

    East West Street: On the Origins of Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity

    R150,00 R175,00
    A uniquely personal exploration of the origins of international law, centring on the Nuremberg Trials, the city of Lviv and a secret family history

    Estoppelleerstuk in die Suid-Afrikaanse reg

    Sedert die vorige uitgawe in 2000 verskyn het, het heelwat baanbrekende nuwe uitsprake in sowel die gerapporteerde as ongerapporteerde hofverslae hier en elders verskyn waarby estoppel te berde gekom het. Dit moet noodwendig by die huidige uitgawe oorweeg en bespreek word om die klaarblyklike regsontwikkeling te identifiseer.

    Law of agency


    Law lifeline

    The law lifeline series is a quick practical guide on how to learn for legal studies and pass first time. The series includes: Law of criminal procedure, law of contract and law of delict.

    The management of employment relations

    The management of employment relations: Conceptual and contextual perspectives is specifically designed for students of business management. This work focuses on laying the employment relations foundation and on macro, generic and theoretical issues.

    The Drafting of Wills

    The amendments to the law of wills brought about by the Law of Succession Amendment Act of 1992 have created fundamental changes in South African testamentary law. This book analyzes the Wills Act as now amended. It deals with such topics as language usage, the structure of wills and estate duty.

    The Quest for Justice

    This volume includes a biographical background and description of the Chief Justice's career, tributes by eminent lawyers, and essays by practitioners and academics on a variety of legal subjects.

    Personality, Rights and the Freedom of Expression

    This text deals with the comparative theory and constitutional dimensions of freedom of expression in comparative, constitutional and cyberspace context. It covers the Actio Injuriarum; reputation and freedom of expression; elements of defamation; and defences excluding unlawfulness.

    Hahlo's South African company law through the cases

    This work offers a systematic overview of company law. Each topic is dealt with through an introductory text followed first by extracts from a wide-ranging selection of academic writings and then by case extracts.

    A Guide to Legislative Drafting in South Africa

    Of interest or benefit to: Legislative drafters, Legal practitioners, Para-legals.

    Capital gains tax

    This work is designed to meet the needs of attorneys, accountants, tax consultants, investment advisers, and other professionals. The manual explains, in depth and in detail, the conceptual basis and the practical implications of capital gains tax.