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    Cases and materials on criminal law

    The fourth edition of Cases and Materials on Criminal Law includes 26 new extracts covering a range of topics, including the principle of legality, punishment, causation, consent in rape cases, dolus eventualis, knowledge of unlawfulness, common purpose, conspiracy, consensual child sexual experimentation, defamation, robbery, etc.

    Principles of criminal law

    The fifth edition of this established work on criminal law now includes detailed discussion of major judicial pronouncements on dolus eventualis, the limits of common purpose liability in its active association form), robbery with aggravating circumstances, treason, racketeering/retrospectivity and consensual child sexual experimentation.

    Administrative law

    Administrative law in South Africa has been dramatically transformed over the past 14 years since the enactment of the interim Constitution in 1994. This has resulted in a flood of judgments in which the new administrative law has been considered.

    Law of persons sourcebook/Personereg bronnebundel

    The 5th edition of this bilingual sourcebook contains the most important decisions in the law of persons, providing an analysis of the decisions pertaining to this subject as well as judgments which illustrate the application of the substantive legal rules in a practical manner.


    The title is concerned with litigation in both the High Courts and the magistrates' courts, and provides useful, practical guidance on all aspects of litigation. The following account of the book appeared in the South African Law Journal: '[Technique in Litigation] is to be found in the libraries of the entire English-speaking world.

    Essays on the law of Botswana

    The essays in this title offer a description and analysis of a wide range of topical legal issues in Botswana. For the first time, readers can access material about domestic law, legislation and cases written by experts in Botswana.

    Business transactions law

    This book addresses fundamental questions about business transactions. The eighth edition has been substantially revised and updated to include developments up until 1 April 2011.

    Visser & Potgieter: Law of damages

    The new edition deals with the new legislation affecting the law of damages, including the Road Accident Fund Amendment Act 19 of 2005, the National Credit Act 34 of 2005 and the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008.

    Trials and tribulations, trends and triumphs

    This collection of papers, selected from successive Miller du Toit Cloete Inc/University of the Western Cape child and family law conferences since 2001, reflects the spectrum of issues that have concerned practitioners, law reformers and academics during this exciting period of development.

    Law and Poverty: Perspectives from South Africa and Beyond

    "First published as (2011) 22:3 Stellenbosch Law Review."

    South African Criminal Law and Procedure

    This edition gives full attention to the new constitutional context in which South African criminal law now operates. It also looks at the emerging culture of human rights and freedoms which has begun to generate a significant shift in perceptions of the "boni mores" of a new South African society.

    Hockly se insolvensiereg


    Admiralty jurisdiction


    Mineral law