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    The law of third party compensation

    After the publication of the first edition, the Road Accident Fund Commission Report was tabled in 2002. Added to this, the Road Accident Fund Amendment Act of 2005 was promulgated, and came into operation on 1 August 2008. The RAFAA promoted a revision and led to the writing of the third edition of this work.

    Contemporary management principles

    The approach towards contemporary management principles offered in this publication integrates discussions on vital managerial competencies and skills with information on traditional and essential managerial concepts that have been effective in the past and are still effectively used today in many business organisations.

    Law of agency


    Korporatiewe reg

    Belangrike verwikkelings in korporatiewe reg het sedert die verskyning van die tweede uitgawe van Korporatiewe Reg plaasgevind wat opdatering genoodsaak het.

    Re-interpretation of statutes

    Re-interpretation of statutes is a reconceptualization (and, therefore, not a second edition) of the author's The interpretation of statutes (published in 1986). It deals with a conventional legal discipline (interpretation of statutes) in an unconventional manner.

    Hahlo's South African company law through the cases

    This work offers a systematic overview of company law. Each topic is dealt with through an introductory text followed first by extracts from a wide-ranging selection of academic writings and then by case extracts.

    Gender, law and justice

    Feminist lawyers have long been engaged in critiquing the gendered nature of South African law. This project has increased in importance and scope as a result of the centrality of gender equality, as a value and a substantive right, in the South African Constitution.

    State commercial activity

    State commercial activity - a legal framework analyses the state's conduct as a market participant from a legal perspective. It focuses on the judicial control of such state conduct and puts forward a legal framework in terms of which to understand state commercial activity.

    Equality in the workplace

    South Africa's history of colonialism and apartheid has created deep patterns of inequality and poverty.

    Thinking Architecturally

    In Thinking Architecturally Paul Righini explores the essence of creative endeavour. He argues that it is the ability to distill ideas from many different sources that distinguishes successful design students from others who struggle with design ideas.

    The Tao of Innovation: Nine Questions Every Innovator Must Answer

    The Tao of Innovation represents the synthesis of the most influential thinking on innovation, based on nearly 30 years of real-world corporate, entrepreneurial, and consulting experience, and more than 10 years of teaching innovation and entrepreneurship to thousands of students from all walks of life and countries.

    About financial accounting


    The law of divorce and dissolution of life partnerships in South Africa

    The Law of Divorce and Dissolution of Life Partnerships in South Africa is a comprehensive publication that provides a detailed exposition and analysis of the law relating to the termination of civil unions, civil marriages, customary marriages, Muslim marriages and Hindu marriages by divorce.

    Leadership in the African context

    This book seeks to set leadership theory in the African context. It takes into account typical African circumstances, values and beliefs, designed for the development of leaders' skills and provides practical, real-life examples, exercises and case studies.