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    The Judiciary in Africa

    This work documents the contributions of the speakers at the World Jurist Association's seminar, who addressed the idea that the judiciary should participate in the process of continuing legal education. The contributors include Justice Austin Amissah, President of the Botswana Appeal Court.


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    WHO Code of Marketing of Breast-Milk Substitutes: History and Analysis

    An analysis and history of the WHO Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes. It is suitable for anyone interested in the legal interpretation, the implementation and investigating possible breaches of this essential measure to ensure that women in the world are given the opportunity to breastfeed their children.

    Rights Limited

    The purpose of this text is to aid the interpretation and application of the South African Constitution. The author illustrates her arguments by referring to foreign and local case law as well as drawing on philosophical understanding and debate.

    Practical governance: retirement funds

    Practical governance: retirement funds aims to provide trustees of pension and retirement funds with a solid understanding of the business of retirement funds. When faced with thick law books and files of practice notes, many trustees are uncertain where to start in tackling the daunting task that lies ahead of them.

    The fate of the child

    Decisions that radically affect children's futures - whether custody decisions on divorce, adoption placements, or juvenile court decisions - have life-long consequences. This book presents the evidence from an interdisciplinary collaborative project set up to research how legal decisions on children are being made in South Africa.

    Taking effective witness statements

    Taking effective witness statements is a practical book on crime investigations with reference to the role of witness statements in such investigations.

    The Drafting of Wills

    The amendments to the law of wills brought about by the Law of Succession Amendment Act of 1992 have created fundamental changes in South African testamentary law. This book analyzes the Wills Act as now amended. It deals with such topics as language usage, the structure of wills and estate duty.

    A Guide to Legislative Drafting in South Africa

    Of interest or benefit to: Legislative drafters, Legal practitioners, Para-legals.

    Capital gains tax

    This work is designed to meet the needs of attorneys, accountants, tax consultants, investment advisers, and other professionals. The manual explains, in depth and in detail, the conceptual basis and the practical implications of capital gains tax.



    Matthaeus' "De Criminibus"

    This is the fourth and final translated volume of Antonius Matthaeus II's "De Criminibus". With its indexes and bibliographical listings it should contribute to the academic study of the 17th-century Elegant school, and make available to criminal lawyers a major landmark in the history of law.

    Collective bargaining in South Africa

    This title provides a thorough analysis of the state of collective bargaining in South Africa today. Drawing on extensive empirical research, it examines the processes which have shaped the collective bargaining system, as well as identifying some crucial questions hanging over its future.