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    Herbstein & Van Winsen

    R3 125,00
    Herbstein & Van Winsen is a work of key importance to practitioners in the high courts of South Africa, as well as to scholars interested in civil procedure. This edition has been revised to incorporate twelve years of new legislation and case law.

    Globalizing Information: The Economics of International Technology Trade

    R2 632,00
    Presents important analyses of international trade, technology transfer and the global economics of intellectual property rights. This book includes chapters, ranging from theoretical modeling to empirical and statistical analysis, and policy contributions. It addresses questions in the determinants of trade, foreign direct investment, and more.

    Guide to the United States Customs and Trade Laws: After the Customs Modenization Act

    R6 600,00
    Covers the burgeoning area of free trade agreements between the US and countries around the globe. This book also covers the burgeoning area of free trade agreements between the US and countries around the globe.

    Cengage Advantage Books: Foundations of the Legal Environment of Business

    R2 535,00 R3 792,92
    With more than 200 real-world cases and critical-thinking exercises, this book helps readers define their ethical compass within the business world. It covers all core topics and fulfills current curricular and AACSB accrediting standards. It uses an integrated approach to thoroughly explore the intersection of law, business strategy, and ethics.

    Civil Liability for Accidents at Sea

    R3 707,00
    Civil Liability for Accidents at Sea

    The Kyoto Protocol in the EU: European Community and Member States Under International and European Law

    R2 887,00
    This book analyses in great detail the complex issue of the European Community's commitments regarding the Kyoto Protocol.

    Reinsurance Arbitrations

    R2 887,00
    This book provides an in-depth exploration of reinsurance arbitrations and the various issues they entail in the most representative jurisdictions for such arbitrations. It also paves the way for future directions of arbitration in the context of reinsurance.

    Muslim Marriage in Western Courts: Lost in Transplantation

    R3 453,00
    Describes and analyses the notion of Mahr, the Muslim custom whereby the groom has to give a gift to the bride in consideration of the marriage. This book explores how Western courts, specifically in Canada, the United States, France, and Germany, have approached and interpreted Mahr.

    Humanitarian Action: Global, Regional and Domestic Legal Responses

    R3 038,00
    Expert scholars and practitioners shed light on the laws of humanitarian action and make sense of the various elements involved.

    Law and Development and the Global Discourses of Legal Transfers

    R2 534,00
    Leading scholars provide a fresh theoretical look at the reasons why many legal development projects fail.

    Christianity and Freedom: Volume 2: Contemporary Perspectives: Volume 2

    R3 283,00
    This volume examines the contributions of Christian minorities to societies across the globe in the midst of pressure and persecution.

    The Defence of Natural Law: Study of the Ideas of Law and Justice in the Writings of Lon L.Fuller, Michael Oakeshott, F.A.Hayek, Ronald Dworkin and John Finnis

    R4 128,00
    Discusses classical legal positivists and comprises a study of their work which is situated in relation to the modern tradition in legal philosophy. It is demonstrated that the theorists adhered closely to the natural law standpoint in legal philosophy in the tradition of modern liberalism.

    Criminal Procedure: Law and Practice

    R3 444,00 R4 786,13