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    Knowledge Management: Competencies and Professionalism - Proceedings of the 2008 International Conference

    R3 136,00
    Contains papers that provide insights into the knowledge management practices within organizations and discuss issues related to knowledge management competencies and professionalism. This book is suitable for information and knowledge professionals and for both graduate and undergraduate students.

    The Routledge Companion to Accounting History

    R3 540,00 R4 165,00
    Places the history of accounting in context with other fields of study, this book presents insights to subjects such as the rise of capitalism, the control of labor, and gender and family relationships. It explores historical development of accounting theory and practice. It is suitable for students of accounting, and business and management.

    Herbstein & Van Winsen

    R3 125,00
    Herbstein & Van Winsen is a work of key importance to practitioners in the high courts of South Africa, as well as to scholars interested in civil procedure. This edition has been revised to incorporate twelve years of new legislation and case law.

    Fuzzy Logic for Business, Finance, and Management

    R2 688,00
    Intended for knowledge workers in business, finance, management and socio-economic sciences based on fuzzy logic. This book serves as a guide to techniques for forecasting, decision making and evaluations in an environment involving uncertainty, vagueness, impression and subjectivity.

    Security Analysis, Portfolio Management, and Financial Derivatives

    R2 548,00
    Integrates the topics of modern investment analysis. This title offers a presentation of theories, institutions, markets, academic research, and practical applications, and presents basic concepts and advanced principles. In analyzing securities, it looks at stocks and bonds, options and futures, foreign exchange, and international securities.

    Investments and Portfolio Performance

    R2 520,00
    Contains the contributions to the field of investments.

    The Dynamics of Regional Innovation: Policy Challenges in Europe and Japan

    R2 912,00
    Based on cases studied by researchers and practical experiences of personnel involved in innovation at public or private institutions, this book discusses the policy framework in Europe and Japan, the role for universities due to intellectual property reform or technology transfer promotion, and the challenges for firms in terms of licensing.

    Encyclopedia and Handbook of Process Capability Indices: A Comprehensive Exposition of Quality Control Measures

    R3 080,00
    Provides a description of the various process capability indices used in the applications at production sites. This work aims to maintain a proper balance between theoretical investigation and "rule-of-thumb" practical procedures in order to eliminate the tensions among various methodologies of assessing the capability of industrial processes.

    Organisational Culture: Concept, Context, and Measurement

    R5 460,00
    Based on the findings of many years of research, this book examines what would be required to develop a measure for organisational culture that is practically useful and also capable of accessing culture at its deepest, and arguably most important yet most elusive, level. It is suitable for both scholars and practitioners alike.

    The History of Marketing Science

    R2 548,00

    Quantitative Modelling in Marketing and Management

    R2 744,00
    Quantitative modelling seems admirably suited to help managers in their strategic decision making on operations management issues. This book focuses on the description and applications of many quantitative modelling approaches applied to marketing and management. It includes topics ranging from fuzzy logic to growth models and k-clique models.

    The Role of Central Banks in Financial Stability: How Has it Changed?

    R2 548,00
    The two most topical issues in current financial markets deal with the causes of the recent financial crisis and the means to prevent future crises. This book addresses the latter and stresses a major shift in most countries toward a better understanding of financial stability and how it can be achieved.

    Stochastic Analysis and Applications to Finance: Essays in Honour of Jia-an Yan

    R3 108,00
    A collection of solicited and refereed articles from distinguished researchers across the field of stochastic analysis and its application to finance. It covers the topics ranging from Markov processes, backward stochastic differential equations, stochastic partial differential equations, and stochastic control, to risk measure and risk theory.

    Quantitative Methods for Business

    R2 902,00 R3 316,01