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    Chapter 2 Bill of Rights (ss 7-39)

    The Constitution of South Africa's Bill of Rights is known for being one of the most progressive in the world. This poster contains the Bill of Rights, sections 7-39 of the Constitution.

    Criminal law workbook


    Rental Housing Act 50 of 1999

    This new title in the JutaƆs Pocket Statutes series contains the Acts and applicable regulations in a concise pocket-sized book. The first edition reflects the law as at 25 April 2014.

    The Quest for Justice

    This volume includes a biographical background and description of the Chief Justice's career, tributes by eminent lawyers, and essays by practitioners and academics on a variety of legal subjects.

    Understanding the labour relations act

    Understanding the labour relations act forms part of a new series, Juta's pocket companions, to complement the Juta's pocket statutes series. This title contains an accessible, non-legalistic commentary on the Labour Relations Act.

    Intellectual property law


    Judges in conversation

    Legal luminaries from around the world met at South Africa's constitutional court to discuss the judiciary's influence in effecting societal change, its relationship with the state and the marginalized and its role in breathing life into the rights to equality, free speech and life.

    Administrative law through the cases

    This text provides students with a variety of case materials on different aspects of administartive law. Each chapter begins with a short summary of the law and the legal issues raised in the chapter, followed by extracts from case law. As far as possible, the latest case law is used.

    How to do director inductions


    Understanding Cheque Law

    This title provides an explanation of the law governing cheques. It addresses certain fundamental issues such as how to draw a valid cheque; the immediate legal consequences of payment by cheque; cheque negotiation; and the legal implications of a dishonoured cheque.

    Understanding sectoral determination 6: Private security

    Understanding sectoral determination 6: Private security is the only book currently available to explain SD 6, the sectoral determination issued under the BCEA, governing the conditions of employment of security guards.