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    From Knowledge Management to Strategic Competence: Assessing Technological, Market and Organisational Innovation

    R1 176,00
    There continues to be much interest in the business and academic communities in the concept of strategic competencies or core capabilities, in other words, how organisations define and differentiate themselves. This book attempts to integrate strategic and knowledge management approaches to capability-building and the development of competencies.

    An Undergraduate Introduction to Financial Mathematics

    R1 372,00
    Provides an introduction to financial mathematics and financial engineering for undergraduate students who have completed a three- or four-semester sequence of calculus courses. This book contains material that can adequately prepare the reader for graduate-level study in mathematical finance.

    Principles of SA constitutional law

    R1 164,00
    Students of constitutional law will be able to navigate their way through these pages towards a sound grasp of the significance and normative content of the constitutional law of South Africa.

    Divorce and Family Mediation: Models, Techniques, and Applications

    R1 690,00
    Paving the way for the field to establish its own distinct discipline and academic tradition, this authoritative volume offers chapters contributed by leading mediation researchers, trainers, and practitioners.

    Retail Buying: From Basics to Fashion

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    R1 014,00
    In hierdie sesde uitgawe is die jongste wetgewing, insluitend die nuwe wetgewing wat handel oor seksuele misdade, en regspraak, insluitend uitsprake van die Konstitusionele Hof oor die reels van die materiele strafreg, bygewerk.

    Silent Selling: Best Practices and Effective Strategies in Visual Merchandising

    R1 254,00 R1 475,00
    The 4th edition of Silent Selling teaches the best practices in visual merchandising as currently applied by professionals in the retail industry, providing readers with the knowledge and skills to create retail environments that sell.

    Financial Derivatives: Futures, Forwards, Swaps, Options, Corporate Securities, and Credit Default Swaps

    R1 624,00
    Derivatives markets are an important and growing segment of financial markets and play an important role in the management of risk.

    The Theory and Practice of Microcredit

    R2 006,00 R2 360,00

    The Codebreakers: The Comprehensive History of Secret Communication from Ancient Times to the Internet

    R1 148,00 R1 350,00
    With a new chapter on computer security issues, this updated and revised history of codes and codebreaking takes the reader from the protocryptography of Egyptian Pharoah Khnuumhotep II through to the speculations of scientists solving messages from outer space.

    Logistics and Retail Management: Emerging Issues and New Challenges in the Retail Supply Chain

    R1 046,00 R1 230,00
    Offers an account of developments in retail logistics. This book brings together well-known academics and practitioners, who share their research, ideas and experience of thinking on supply chain management in retail.

    Bazaar of Opportunities for New Business Development: Bridging Networked Innovation, Intellectual Property and Business

    R1 624,00
    Highlights the variety of opportunities that firms may have in the innovation and new business development with external actors. This book shows readers that firms can interact, innovate, and make business with different actors, both formally and informally, and use different levels of openness within inter-organizational innovation processes.

    Recent Advances in Financial Engineering: Proceedings of the International Workshop on Finance: 2011

    R2 184,00
    Presents the Proceedings of the International Workshop on Finance 2011, held in Kyoto in the summer of 2011 with the aim of exchanging new ideas in financial engineering among researchers from various countries from both academia and industry.

    The Practical Guide to Humanitarian Law

    R1 399,00
    Definitions are often the first step toward granting or denying a person's rights. This guide aims to provide meaning and content for terms such as terrorism, refugee, genocide, and intervention. It also explains the terms, concepts, and rules of humanitarian law.

    Management of Service Businesses in Japan

    R2 044,00
    Showcases the performance of non-manufacturing industries or service industries in contemporary Japan. This book covers three fields: Advanced Service Management in the Service industries; Advanced Service Management in the Public and Non-Profit Organizations; and, General Concepts and Techniques Applied to the Service Management.

    Van Horne:Fundamentals of Financial Management

    R1 358,00 R1 552,50
    A practical introduction to understanding the Financial Management of companies in today's rapidly changing business world. This book is particularly well-suited to introductory courses in financial management, for a professional qualification and as a reference for practitioners. "