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    101 Questions and answers about

    The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) has far reaching implications for organisations and individuals who must comply with it. Those impacted by this all encompassing Act will have many questions. This book lists 101 of these questions and provides possible answers. It also contains the full text of the Act for easy reference.

    Private law and human rights

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    Scotland and South Africa are mixed jurisdictions, combining features of common law and civil law traditions. Over the last decade, a shared feature in both Scotland and South Africa has been a new and intense focus on human rights.

    Werkboek vir personereg


    Law of intellectual property in South Africa

    The growing importance of this area of law both locally and internationally has prompted a number of local academics to pool their knowledge in compiling a book that not only deals with the core aspects of the law but also covers developing aspects that are drawing substantial attention both internationally and locally.

    Besondere kontrakte in die hof

    Besondere kontrakte in die hof is 'n versameling hofsake en artikels wat reeds in Suid-Afrika aangehoor is. Die doel van hierdie werk is om studente te help om die hofsake en artikels in regsake, wat deel uitmaak van hulle voorgeskrewe studiemateriaal en wat aanbeveel word gedurende hulle kursus, te verbeter.

    The historical foundations of South African private law

    This book discuss some fundamental changes in South African legal education. One of these changes is the introduction at first year level of a course in the basics of the law and the development of legal skills. At several universities, Roman law will be taught to students at first year level.

    Kompendium van arbeidsreg


    Extinctive Prescription

    This text examines all aspects of extinctive prescription, in an holistic fashion - the theory, the policies, and the practical application. There is also a critical analysis of issues such as whether prescription brings about the extinction of a debt.

    The Limits of the Law of Obligations

    This text investigates the boundaries of the law of contract, enrichment and delict, that is to say it examines how these fields intersect with one another, as well as with the law of property and the traditional domain of public law.

    Competition law


    Cowen on Law

    This title presents readers with other facets of Denis Cowen life's work. His seminal essays and articles helped define areas of law such as environmental law and the law of competition. His work on law of property and statutory interpretation has also proved to be ahead of its time.

    Understanding the employment equity act

    Understanding the Employment Equity Act deals with one of the most innovative instruments of post-apartheid labour market regulation, the Employment Equity Act, 1998 (EEA).

    Taxpayers' rights in South Africa

    Taxpayers' rights in South Africa is the only title available to deal with the interplay between South African constitutional and tax law. It evaluates how South African Revenue Services powers function in relation to taxpayers' constitutional rights and thoroughly and systematically unpacks the rights to property, equality, privacy, access to info

    The Law of Evidence: Cases and Statutes / Die Bewysreg: Hofsake en Wetgewing

    The law of evidence is vital to all legal practitioners and is included in the curriculum of every South African law degree. It is also compulsory in certain degrees not strictly confined to legal subjects, such as the B-Pol degree.

    Law of Persons


    Schedule C of the general machinery regulations of the occupational health and safety act 85 of 1993

    Regulation 9(2) of the General Machinery Regulations to the Act requires employers with boilers on the premises to display a copy of Schedule C in a legible form in a conspicuous place at the premises. This poster contains Schedule C in English and Afrikaans.