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    JutaÆs Income Tax 58 of 1962

    JutaÆs Income Tax Act presents the text of the Income Tax Act 58 of 1962 in a manner that enables the reader to look at the Act in a new way. All amendments in terms of the following 2015 Act and Bills have been incorporated in this edition, including amendments made and envisioned at the time of going to press.

    Understanding Cheque Law

    This title provides an explanation of the law governing cheques. It addresses certain fundamental issues such as how to draw a valid cheque; the immediate legal consequences of payment by cheque; cheque negotiation; and the legal implications of a dishonoured cheque.

    Understanding sectoral determination 6: Private security

    Understanding sectoral determination 6: Private security is the only book currently available to explain SD 6, the sectoral determination issued under the BCEA, governing the conditions of employment of security guards.

    Contract law casebook / Kontraktereg vonnisbundel

    This bilingual casebook is an invaluable aid to students studying the law of contract. Extracts from leading cases are supplemented by explanatory notes, promoting a better understanding of decisions of the courts. The third edition of Contract Law Casebook / Kontraktereg Vonnisbundel has been updated to include recent cases and three new chapters.

    A-Z of medical law

    This exciting and long-awaited text equips medical practitioners to deal with the legal issues they encounter in daily practice. Informative, relevant and up to date, The A-Z of medical law covers all recent changes to the law and legislation affecting the medical professions.

    Employment rights


    Planning law casebook

    Most planning degrees at South African universities include a compulsory course in planning law. This is usually the first time that planning students encounter law as a discipline.

    Understanding securities law and regulation in Zambia

    Understanding Securities Law and Regulation in Zambia contains commentary in and analysis of securities law in Zambia. The book examines the fiduciary duties of financial intermediaries, the legal and regulatory framework for collective investment schemes, takeovers, mergers and insider dealing.

    Taxation of legal costs in South Africa

    Taxation of Legal Costs in South Africa provides clear and practical guidance on taxation of costs, which will assist in determining reasonable costs in line with the existing legal system. Taxation is about the quantification of legal costs and therein lies the crux of any costs issue.