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    Wipe Clean Trains

    Learn to Write Trains introduces first concepts, such as counting and the alphabet, with a simple, fun approach for children aged 3+. Ideal for preschool children, each book covers a different topic, and includes bright photographs and simple instructions to help make learning fun. Every page has space for children to trace, draw and practice what they have learnt, while simple activities help to develop pen control. The pages are designed to be wipe clean, so children can try the educational activities again and again.

    Managing excellence in the public sector

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    This comprehensive, wide-ranging guide for students, academics and professionals studying, lecturing or applying management functions or processes is outcomes based.

    Entrepreneurial skills

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    An entrepreneur is different from a manager of a small business in many respects, but largely in attitude and approach. And the right approach hinges on appropriate entrepreneurial skills.

    Rare total leadership

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    Performance Management: Developing People & Performance

    Suitable for busy managers of the essentials of Performance Management, this title offers message through the simple DEFT mode - Dialogue, Epectations, Feedback, Timely.

    Thinking for a Living: Creating Ideas That Revitalize Your Business, Career, and Life

    Can one idea be worth a million dollars? Advertising mogul Reiman discusses his formula for creating million-dollar ideas. A guidebook for every entrepreneur.

    From Knowledge Management to Strategic Competence: Assessing Technological, Market and Organisational Innovation

    R1 176,00
    There continues to be much interest in the business and academic communities in the concept of strategic competencies or core capabilities, in other words, how organisations define and differentiate themselves. This book attempts to integrate strategic and knowledge management approaches to capability-building and the development of competencies.

    Wow! That's What I Call Service: Stories of Great Customer Service from the Wow! Awards

    This book is full of stories about people and businesses that cause customers to fall in love; brought together in order that they may serve as an inspiration to others. And not just for the benefit of individual businesses but in order to raise standards of customer service throughout the UK.

    Living a Laptop Lifestyle

    Follow the 'Five Essential Steps To Success' as you read an intriguing and compelling guide for creating your own online business. Each chapter is carefully composed to suit the budding entrepreneur; from the very basics of getting started, right through to creating your very own website, and making money online.

    An Undergraduate Introduction to Financial Mathematics

    R1 372,00
    Provides an introduction to financial mathematics and financial engineering for undergraduate students who have completed a three- or four-semester sequence of calculus courses. This book contains material that can adequately prepare the reader for graduate-level study in mathematical finance.

    How to Start a Home-Based Etsy Business

    R391,00 has named being an Etsy-based Business Operator one of the top ten ideas for retirees.Etsy receives more than 10 million unique views per month: http: // market both young and old is ideal to target with a specialized How to Start business book that goes beyond that of our craft book and focus solely on how to gain presence on Etsy

    The law of third party compensation

    After the publication of the first edition, the Road Accident Fund Commission Report was tabled in 2002. Added to this, the Road Accident Fund Amendment Act of 2005 was promulgated, and came into operation on 1 August 2008. The RAFAA promoted a revision and led to the writing of the third edition of this work.

    Statutory interpretation


    Integrate: Doing Business in the 21st Century

    A large-print Bible, this orchid and chocolate Italian Duo-Tone edition combines the bestselling modern English Bible translation, the NIV Bible, alongside the treasured King James Version Bible in one convenient place, making it easy to compare the two translations. Also includes a special introduction from beloved pastors Charles F. Stanley and Andy Stanley.

    Contemporary management principles

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    The approach towards contemporary management principles offered in this publication integrates discussions on vital managerial competencies and skills with information on traditional and essential managerial concepts that have been effective in the past and are still effectively used today in many business organisations.