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    First Little Readers Level B with CD

    Each series of 25 books and 1 CD The American chief reading specialists sort 26 kindergartens into sixteen different grades for the sixth year of elementary school. So, that children can follow the A-Z order, step by step to read, in order to achieve the same reading with the US primary school students the same degree. SCHOLASTIC's elite educational group, based on the GUIDED READING grading standard, produced the First Little Readers A, B, and C readings for the children. The use of repeated repetition of the sentence, a simple common vocabulary, with the theme of life into the child, from shallow to deep so that children can follow the Audiobook CD guidelines, and slowly began to learn to read independently.

    Captain Underpants Gigantic Collection 12 Books

    Titles in This Set Captain Underpants and The Revolting Revenge of The Radia Active Robo-Boxers; Captain Underpants and the terrifying return of tippy tinkletrousers; The Adventures of Captain Underpants; Captain underpants and the attack of the talking toilets; Captain underpants and the invasion of the incredibly naughty cafeteria ladies from outer space; Captain underpants and the perilous plot of professor poopypants; Captain underpants and the wrath of the wicked wedgie woman; Captain underpants and the big, bad battle of the bionic booger boy Part 1; Captain underpants and the big, bad battle of the bionic booger boy Part 2; Captain underpants and the preposterous plight of the purple potty people; The captain underpants extra-crunchy book o'fun; The all new captain underpants extra-crunchy book o'fun 2

    Oxford Classic 10 book Collection: Most Amazing Stories Ever Told Box-Set

    These are the novels we believe all children should grow up with - from Louisa May Alcott's tale of four sisters in Little Women to the swashbuckling adventure of Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island, this 10-book collection is full of classics. Head off down the Yellow Brick Road with Dorothy to meet The Wonderful Wizard of Oz; disappear down the rabbit hole with Alice in the double bill of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass; learn about the animals of the jungle with man-cub Mowgli in The Jungle Book; and unlock the magic within Frances Hodgson Burnett's The Secret Garden. A perfect introduction to classic novels loved throughout the world - all unabridged and adorned with contemporary jackets that are sure to appeal to a new generation of readers - the books here include extra material such as reading recommendations and films and plays that the readers may also enjoy.

    Secret Seven Classic 16 Book Collection

    R1 199,00
    Written by Enid Blyton - one of the world's favourite children's writers and the author who brought the world The Famous Five, Malory Towers and The Naughtiest Girl series - The Secret Seven are a group of friends who meet in a shed and solve some startling mysteries. Peter, his sister Janet, and their friends Jack, Colin, George, Pam and Barbara make up the Secret Seven. They meet in a shed with 'S.S' on the door and to get in you'll need to know the password and wear the right badge. Peter is head of the society and he makes jolly well sure that everyone abides by the rules... While the gang eat cake and drink lemonade, they puzzle over the peculiar goings-on in their local community and make it their mission to put things right. To do this, they have to keep watch, search for clues and ask the right questions. From burglaries to stolen animals and missing children, there's always a case to be cracked! The Complete Secret Seven Library Contains 16 Books.

    My Story and Rhyme Collection Bag

    My Story and Rhyme Collection Bag includes 8 large children's picture books - four fairy tale books and four nursery rhyme books. Beautifully illustrated by top children's illustrators, each book features simple, humorous language to encourage children who are learning to read. The much-loved nursery rhyme books are themed with number rhymes, playing rhymes, singing rhymes and bedtime rhymes. The large pages and thick paper are perfect for little hands! This charming collection of children's picture books will capture the imaginations of young readers, motivating them to enjoy reading time with parents.

    Diary of a Wimpy Kid - 11 Book Slipcase - Jeff Kinney

    Reader’s Warehouse latest slipcased collection brings together the first 11 books following the misadventures of Greg Heffley and his crazy family including, for the first time in paperback, Old School.

    My First Reading Series Banana Books Collection 30 Books

    My First Reading Series Banana Books Collection 30 Books Box Set Titles in the Set Dinosaur Disasters, Shout Show and Tell, Flora The Fairy, Flora The Fairys Magic Spells, Circus Fun, My Secret Alien, Jungle School, One Windy Day, Flat Stanley The Haunted House, Under The Sea, Sinclair Wonder Bear, Dilly and The Birthday Treat, Follow The Swallow, Big Red Balloon, Frogs Do Not Like Dragons, Flat Stanley Plays Ball, Alfie's Great Escape, Mairis Mermaid, Norman and The Naughty Knight, Monster Eyeballs, Polly and The Pirates, The Wrong Kind of Bark, Spooky Soccer, Football Ghosts, Friday Surprise, Dragon Magic, The Terrible Time Without Tilly, Collys Barn, Monty Wins The Cup, My Brother Bernadette

    My Big Box of Busy Stories Collection - Set of 15

    A box of Busy Stories A Collection of 15 picture books bursting with fun-filled adventure..

    Winnie the Pooh Complete Collection 30 Books Box Set

    R1 399,00
    'Once upon a time, a very long time ago now, about last Friday, Winnie-the-Pooh lived in a forest all by himself under the name of Sanders.' This book is suitable for all ages.

    Famous Five 21 Book Collection

    R1 499,00
    Who's been on George's island? And what is locked in the mysterious trunk hidden on Kirrin Island? The Famous Five think they're on the trail of smugglers - until they hear a child scream.. Title in this Set: Five on Treasure Island Five Go Adventuring Again Five Run Away Together Five Go to Smuggler's Top Five Go Off in A Caravan Five On Kirrin Island Again Five Go Off to Camp Five Get Into Trouble Five Fall Into Adventure Five On A Hike Together Five Have A Wonderful Time Five Go Down to the Sea Five Go to Mystery Moor Five Have Plenty of Fun Five on A Secret Trail Five Go to Billycock Hill Five Get Into A Fix Five On Finniston Farm Five Go to Demon's Rocks Five Have A Mystery to Solve Five Are Together Again

    Magic School Bus Classics Box Set with CD

    Written by Joanna Cole and illustrated by Bruce Degen, this original series of the Magic School Bus books presents scientific facts in the form of stories. Together they collaborated to bring humor and true kidlike curiosity to science and learning. Learning has never been so much fun thanks to the wisest and wackiest teacher, Ms. Frizzle! This box set includes 6 classics and 6 Audio CDs: Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge (Book 1) w/CD Magic School Bus Inside the Earth (Book 2) w/CD Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body (Book 3) w/CD Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar System (Book 4) w/CD Magic School Bus On the Ocean Floor (Book 5) w/CD Magic School Bus In the Time of the Dinosaurs (Book 6) w/CD

    Geronimo Stilton Paw Boxset 2

    The fa-mouse Mouse Reporter and Editor in Chief of The Rodent's Gazette has recently opened the Geronimo Stilton Academy. Geronimo Stilton wants tom help fans of his adventures become mouse-ter-ful journalists like him. The Paw books revisit some of Geronimo's most memorable adventures, in which you will be guided to examine the stories more closely and help improve your reading and writing skills. Geronimo Stilton Academy's Comprehension Paw books are designed to develop predicting, inferring, sequencing, and contrasting skills. Passage and activities in comprehension Paw book 2 are extracted from Geronimo Stilton's books. You can read the full stories in Paw Box Collection 2

    Geronimo Stilton Paw Boxset 3

    The fa-mouse Mouse Reporter and Editor in Chief of The Rodent's Gazette has recently opened the Geronimo Stilton Academy. Geronimo Stilton wants tom help fans of his adventures become mouse-ter-ful journalists like him. The Pawbooks revisit some of Geronimo's most memorable adventures, in which you will be guided to examine the stories more closely and help improve your reading and writing skills. Geronimo Stilton Academy's Comprehension Pawbooks are designed to develop predicting, inferring, sequencing, and contrasting skills. Passage and activities in comprehension Pawbook 3 are extracted from Geronimo Stilton's books. You can read the full stories in Paw Box Collection 3.

    Fly Guy and Buzz Mega Set

    The Box Set Includes 15 books: Hi Fly Guy Super Fly Guy Shoo, Fly Guy! There was an old lady who swallowed Fly Guy Fly High, Fly Guy! Hooray for Fly Guy! I Spy Fly Guy! Fly Guy Meets Fly Girl! Buzz boy and Fly Guy Fly Guy vs The Flyseatter! Ride Fly Guy Ride! There's fly Guy in My Soup Fly Guy and the Frankenefly Fly Guy's Amazing tricks Prince Fly Guy

    I Spy Phonics Fun Boxed Set with CD

    Phonics instruction plus search-and-find fun in 12 colorful little books! Easy-to-read riddles by Jean Marzollo are paired with fun photographs by Walter Wick to create the perfect phonics program. With rhythm, rhyme, and picture clues, these books are written to build confidence and support the newest reader.

    Dot and Dash Collection with CD

    This set of books contains 8 paperback books and a read aloud CD: 1. Dot and Dash Find a Friend (Theme: know a friend) 2. Dot and Dash Out and About (Theme: Teamwork) 3. Dot and Dash Make and Do (topic: mutual help) 4. Dot and Dash Go to Bes (Theme: life routine) 5. Dot and Dash Eat Their Dinner (Subject: picky eaters) 6. Dot and Dash Lots of Love (Theme: Understanding numbers) 7. Dot and Dash Dress Up (Theme: Dress) 8. Dot and Dash Learn to Share (Theme: Share)

    Scholastic Phonics Booster with CD

    Boost young readers? vocabulary and reading fluency with these 10 books which have easy-to-read stories, funny illustrations and controlled text. This boxed set includes: 10 Phonics Readers Packed with sight words and specially-designed text to build phonetic awareness through rhyme, repetition and predictive text. 25 double-sided sight word flash cards

    The Dragonsitter Collection - 8 Books

    Edward thinks it will all be so easy when his Uncle Morton asks him to look after his unusual pet while he goes on holiday. Edward couldn't be more wrong... that 'unusual' pet just happens to be a fire-breathing dragon! This collection contains eight pacy, laugh-out-loud stories from the bestselling series by Josh Lacey. To make the books even more appealing, they have illustrations by Garry Parsons.

    Harry Potter Box Set: The Complete Collection

    R1 000,00 R1 175,00
    A beautiful boxed set containing all seven Harry Potter novels in paperback. These new editions of the classic and internationally bestselling, multi-award-winning series feature instantly pick-up-able new jackets by Jonny Duddle, with huge child appeal, to bring Harry Potter to the next generation of readers. It's time to PASS THE MAGIC ON ...

    Nickelodeon PAW Patrol Storybook Bag

    Nickelodeon PAW Patrol book bag comes with four PAWsome storybooks featuring all of your favourite PAW Patrol pals.

    Modern Faerie Tale 3 Book Set


    I Love Ollie Family Treasure Box

    A collection of whimsical and heart-warming I Love Ollie Books. Box set includes- I Love My ABC I Love My 123 I Love Holidays I Love Birthdays I Love My Mum I Love My Dad I Love My Baby Brother I Love My Baby Sister and a special limited edition of I love Ollie activity book with over 90 stickers.

    Geronimo Stilton Paw Boxset 1

    The fa-mouse Mouse Reporter and Editor in Chief of ""The Rodent's Gezette"" has recently opened the Geronimo Stilton Academy. Geronimo Stilton wants tom help fans of his adventures become mouse-ter-ful journalists like him. The Pawbooks revisit some of Geronimo's most memorable adventures, in which you will be guided to examine the stories more closely and help improve your reading and writing skills. Geronimo Stilton Academy's Comprehension Pawbooks are designed to develop predicting, inferring, sequencing, and contrasting skills. Passage and activities in comprehension Pawbook 1 are extracted from Geronimo Stilton's books. You can read the full stories in Paw Box Collection 1.

    Winnie the Pooh Model Press-out

    "The Hundred Acre Wood is where Winnie-the-Pooh and his friends Piglet, Eeyore, Rabbit, Tigger, Kanga and Bay Roo, Owl and Christopher Robin live and play. Just follow the step-by-step instructions and press out the pieces to create the model. Pull the tabs to join in Pooh's game of Poohsticks and find out what happened when Eeyore joined in the game. You can read about Winnie-the-pooh and his friends' adventures in the story page."

    The Chronicles Of Narnia - 7 Book Box Set

    Enter the fantasy world of Narnia with this glorious book collection. A classic of children's literature, loved by generations! C.S. Lewis tells his remarkable tales of the magical land of Narnia and its immortal inhabitants including Aslan the lion, Mr Tumnus the Faun and the evil White Witch.

    Winnie The Witch 10 Book Pack

    R399,00 R1 800,00
    Winnie and Wilbur are ready to share their stories with you! Here are ten exciting and funny picture books featuring everyone's favourite with and her big black cat. Join Winnie and Wilbur for all sorts of crazy capers. Discover dragons at midnight, dinosaurs from the dawn of time, and pirates on treasure islands. Fly by broomstick, magic carpet, and giant pumpkin. Even journey into outer space! Winnie and Wilbur are raring to go - so what are you waiting for?

    Lets Read! 12 Book Collection

    R329,00 R399,00
    This collection includes famous picture books from the likes of Julia Donaldson, Julie Monks and Children's Laureate Chris Riddell. All 12 books have been adapted into early readers and are just perfect for children who are growing in reading confidence.

    Little Princess 10 Book Pack

    This 10 Book Collection includes an audio CD and the following giggle-inducing stories: I Want My Potty! I Want My Dinner! I Want My Tooth! I Want My Mum! I Don't Want to go to Hospital! I Don't Want to Wash my Hands! I Don't Want to go to Bed! I Want my Dummy! I Want a Friend! I Want to Be!

    Sappi voels van Suid-Afrika + CallFinder

    R1 140,00
    Ek stel graag die Sappi Voëls van Suid-Afrika, gepubliseer deur Briza Publikasies, aan u bekend. Hierdie voëlgids sal u help om u waarnemingsvermoë te verskerp, het sy u voëlkyk as 'n stokperdjie beoefen, of eerder 'n toegewyde voëlkyker is. Daar is maar altyd voëls wat so eenders lyk dat 'n maklik-bruikbare gids onontbeerlik is. Suid-Afrika is geseën met volop voëllewe – ongeveer 'n tiende van alle spesies wêrelwyd kom in Suid-Afrika voor. Hierdie gids vergemaklik identifisering van besoekers en endemiese voëls deur middel van volkleur, hoë resolusie foto's, 'n profielgids en vier simbool groepe wat habitat, broei gewoontes, relatiewe grootte en sosiale gedrag met 'n oog op slag aandui.

    His Dark Materials 3 Book Collection

    This 3 Book Collection Contains: Northern Lights (AKA The Golden Compass) The Subtle Knife The Amber Spyglass

    Phonics Booster Books Box Set 1 with CD

    Phonics Booster allows children to read the ability to fly into the sky! Includes: 6 books - 2CD - 2 exercises Introduction to the book With the advent of the Internet age, reading has become a child access to new knowledge and the expansion of vision necessary ability. The main function of this series of books is to help children in the early stages of learning English through the basic rules of phonics to master "reading" skills. And through continuous practice and access to reading ability. This series consists of 6 sets of 6 books, 2 CDs and 2 workbooks. Each book will be 2-3 major pronunciation, such as op, sh mainly to develop an interesting story. In this story, the child will continue to read to contain the two pronunciation of the word, the target arrangement in the story, the child will be able to unknowingly practice pinyin and reading.

    It's Time to Rhyme Collection 10 Books Set in a Bag

    It's Time to Rhyme is a 10-book collection of rhyming stories from popular authors and illustrators including Axel Scheffler, Jim Field and Lydia Monks. Presented in a beautiful bag, these books are delightful and perfect for sharing. They'll inspire children to love reading from a very early age. It's Time to Rhyme Collection 10 Books Set in a Bag Titles in the Set The Dragon and the Nibble some Knight, The Skipping Rope Snake, The Giant of Jum, Wake Up Do Lydia Lou, Charlie Cooks Favourite Book, Recipe for a Story, Rich Witch Poor Witch, The Shark in the Dark, Tyrannosaurus Drip, Polly Parrot Picks a Pirate

    Goosebumps Series 10 Books Collection Set (Classic Covers)

    Description One of the bestselling children's series of all times, R.L. Stine's Goosebumps books have had a resurgence of late following the success of the film starring Jack Black. This collection contains 10 of the classic tales of terror - all with refreshed jacket artwork - that will give children a fright! A favourite with generations, among the books to give kids nightmares are Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes, The Haunted Car and the seminal Night of the Living Dummy - starring none other than Slappy the dummy. Having sold over 400 million copies around the world, these spooky books will be returned to time and time again by children who love nothing more than to get the creeps...

    Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children

    R499,00 R528,35
    Includes 3 paperback novels by Ransom Riggs and a collectible postcard. Together for the first time, here is the #1 New York Times best seller Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children and its two sequels, Hollow City and the (newly released) Library of Souls. All three hardcovers are packaged in a beautifully designed slipcase. Also included: a special collector's envelope of twelve peculiar photographs, highlighting the most memorable moments of this extraordinary three-volume fantasy.

    Heroes of Olympus Collection

    R299,00 R360,00
    The fantastic 'Heroes of Olympus' four book box set from the creator of Percy Jackson, Rick Riordan.

    My Really, Really, Really Big Bag of Books Collection - 10 Books

    R499,00 R1 800,00
    My Really, Really, Really Big Bag of Books is full of exciting stories about really cool characters and their funny adventures. There's the story of Hugh Shampoo, a boy who just won't wash his hair and doesn't really care; the tale of a doggy detective who has to solve the great Poodle Doodler mystery; and you'll get to meet a big dinosaur who learns that it is good to share. Sure to be a big favourite with young readers, this collection contains many more stories that feature everything from a heroic mouse to a dastardly alligator - fantastic fun for all readers and great for sharing!

    Noddy Classic Library:Welcome to Toyland

    Welcome back to Toyland and Noddy's little adventures with some of the best friends around! These classic stories are sure to rekindle nostalgia in older readers, and are so adorable a whole new generation will fall in love.

    Ten-Minute Story Collection

    R199,00 R587,72
    Ten-minute Story Collection is a charming set of five classic story books in a beautiful box with magnetic flap that children aged 5-8 will love.

    Magic School Bus Discovery Set 1 with CD

    Bats, vanished ancient heads, space adventures, dinosaurs, sharks ... we're here! Always with the teaching theme, bold and fancy dress, cause students motives, and continue to encourage students to do strange, to explore the fees teacher, and her weird students, riding a magic school bus, again and again "impossible" Off-campus teaching, through personal experience and practice, absorb a wide range of natural science knowledge. Fasten the seatbelt, by turning pages to magic school bus English and natural science reading trip! Novels have illustrations to help provide clues to children in order to master the text, slowly increase the sense of accomplishment in English reading. Attached to the CD, in addition to enhancing hearing, you can listen to, re-enter the magic trip!

    Skulduggery Pleasant 9 Book Collection

    This Collection Contains: Playing with Fire The Faceless Ones Dark Days Mortal Coil Death Bringer Kingdom of the Wicked Last Stand of Dead Men The Dying of the Light

    First Little Readers Level A with CD

    Jumpstart reading success with this big collection of motivating storybooks correlated with Guided Reading Level A. Most pages of these full-color storybooks feature just one line of simple, repetitive text to help children learn to read with ease and confidence. Includes a tip-filled parent guide. A great value!

    Oxford Reading Tree Read with Biff Chip Kipper: Level 4-6: 25 Book Collection

    Titles in This Set - Level-4: Phonics: Wet Feet, The Moon Jet, The Red Coat, Quick!, Quick! First Stories: Missing!, The Raft Race, Dragon Danger, The Spaceship Level-5: Phonics: Egg Fried Rice, Craig Saves the Day, Seasick, Dolphin Rescue First Stories: Hungry Floppy, Husky Adventure, Trapped!, Looking after Gran Level-6: Phonics: Grain's New Blue Shoes, Ice City, Save Pudding Wood, Uncle Max First Stories: Hairy-scary Monster, Mountain Rescue, The Lost Voice, Secret of the Sands and Extra Handbook with this collection is " Helping your child to Read"

    Fairy Tales Big Box of Classic Fairy Tales Collection (10 Books)

    Ten favourite fairy tales for one amazing price, our Big Box of Fairy Tales is a perfect introduction to best-loved stories that are great for sharing with little ones aged three and above at bedtime. Venture into the woods and avoid the big, bad wolf with Little Red Riding Hood; go on an adventure to warn the king that the sky is falling with Chicken Licken; test the beds, chairs and porridge of the three bears with Goldilocks; and much, much more... Charmingly illustrated and written in a format ideal for encouraging children to follow, the Big Box of Fairy Tales is sure to be returned to again and again.

    Horrid Henry Complete Story Collection

    A collection of all 24 Horrid Henry storybooks about everyone's favourite horrid boy

    My Fairytime Tales Collection

    My Fairytale Time 5-book Collection Bag contains five beautifully illustrated picture books for children aged 3+

    Magic School Bus Science Readers Box 1

    Includes these stories: The Magic School Bus Gets Recycled The Magic School Bus Gets Caught in a Web The Magic School Bus and the Shark Adventure The Magic School Bus Fights Germs The Magic School Bus Inside a Volcano The Magic School Bus Comes to Its Senses The Magic School Bus and the Butterfly Bunch The Magic School Bus Fixes a Bone The Magic School Bus The Wild Leaf Ride The Magic School Bus Arctic Adventure

    Usborne Phonics Readers 20 Books Collection Box Set

    Usborne Phonics Readers 20 Books Collection Box Set is perfect to learn your phonics.

    Spot Puppet Box & Bedtime Book Set

    This special bedtime gift set contains the classic book 'Time for Bed, Spot' and your very own Spot puppet to make the story come to life.

    My Big Box of Bedtime Stories Collection - Set of 15

    My Big Box of Bedtime Stories Collection 15 Books Box Set Titles in the Set Molly and the Storm, The Very Sleepy Sloth, I Love You Sleepyhead, Time for Bed Little One, The Wish Cat, Theres No Such Thing As Monsters, When We're Together, Little Bears Special Wish, I'll Always Love You, BAA! MOO! What Will We Do, Bedtime for Little Bears, My Dad, The Most Precious Thing, Scaredy Mouse, Smudge

    Michael Grant 6 Book Collection

    Includes a collection of six titles.

    Boxsets and Collections