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    Muhammad Ali: A Tribute to the Greatest

    R285,00 R335,00
    Pulitzer prize nominee and William Hill award-winning writer Thomas Hauser's tribute to Ali, the greatest sporting icon the world has ever seen.

    Muhammad Ali: His Life and Times

    One of the most recognisable, respected and inspirational men on earth, Muhammad Ali is the world's most famous boxing hero. Ali brought unprecedented speed and grace to the sport, and his charm and wit changed forever what the world expects of a champion athlete. This is the ultimate biography to match Ali's lifetime of extraordinary achievements.

    King of the World: Picador Classic

    R69,00 R215,00
    "Astute, double-hearted, irresistible. He is so completely in charge of his craft that it becomes an art" (Toni Morrison, author of Beloved)

    Part Reptile: UFC, MMA and Me

    R268,00 R315,00

    The Noble English Art of Self-Defence

    R89,00 R105,00

    WWE: The Attitude Era

    R381,00 R435,00
    Includes a Stone Cold Steve Austin skull bottle opener. In this book, you can find out everything you ever wanted to know about one of wrestling's most controversial and iconic periods - WWE Attitude Era. From Stone Cold Steve Austin to Kurt Angle, it lets you discover the moments and moves that catapulted these wrestlers to stardom.

    The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding

    R493,00 R580,00
    The updated version of the classic guide to bodybuilding includes more than one thousand step-by-step photographs and illustrations, the latest data on diet and nutrition, sports-related injuries, and much more. Reprint.

    A Tiger Rose Out of Georgia: Tiger Flowers - Champion of the World

    Theodore 'Tiger' Flowers rose above prejudice to become the first African-American to win the world middleweight title.

    Body Fuel: Calorie-Cycle Your Way to Reduced Body Fat and Greater Muscle Definition

    R280,00 R320,00
    A fitness book that reveals eating plan to supercharge your metabolism, build and preserve muscle, burn fat and boost energy. It shows you how to 'cycle calories', and how and when to eat slow-fuel carbs, fast-fuel carbs, proteins and fats to get the most from your workouts and steadily lose weight.

    The Way of the Fight

    R187,00 R248,86

    King of the World

    A hugely literate, intelligent evocation of the great heavyweight champion and sportsman of the twentieth century.