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    Shoe Dog: A memoir by the Creator of Nike

    R270,00 R320,00
    The first-ever memoir of the legendary co-founder of Nike Inc, Phil Knight

    A life digested

    A life digested charts a path through PeteƆs culinary experiences from his early amorous endeavors to his take on tricky customers, picky eaters and the top restaurants he has run, worked in and dined at over the years. Each chapter is driven by stories he has written which revolve around what Pete finds most important as a cook.

    Muhammad Ali: His Life and Times

    One of the most recognisable, respected and inspirational men on earth, Muhammad Ali is the world's most famous boxing hero. Ali brought unprecedented speed and grace to the sport, and his charm and wit changed forever what the world expects of a champion athlete. This is the ultimate biography to match Ali's lifetime of extraordinary achievements.

    Emily Hobhouse

    R315,00 R350,00
    A fresh, nuanced look at an extraordinary woman and her lifelong fight for justice. Defying the constraints of her gender and class, Emily Hobhouse travelled across continents and spoke out against oppression. A passionate pacifist and a feminist, she opposed both the 1899-1902 Anglo-Boer War and World War One, leading to accusations of treason.


    R300,00 R350,00
    AB de Villiers is one of the finest batsmen ever to play cricket, and yet his achievement extends beyond his outrageous armoury of drives, pulls, paddles, scoops and flicks.


    R289,00 R350,00
    AB de Villiers is sonder twyfel een van die beste kolwers wat krieket nog ooit opgelewer het, maar sy prestasies strek veel verder as sy ongelooflike arsenaal dryf-, trek-, skep-, kap- en veeghoue.

    Long Walk: M/TV

    The harrowing true tale of seven escaped Soviet prisoners who desperately marched out of Siberia through China, the Gobi Desert, Tibet, and over the Himalayas to British India.

    Adolf Hitler: The Curious and Macabre Anecdotes

    Adolf Hitler was born in 1889, and shot himself in a bunker in Berlin in April 1945 with Russian soldiers at the door, surrounded by the ruins of the country he had vowed to restore to greatness. This book, part biography, part miscellany, part historical overview - presents the life and times of der Fuhrer in a unique and compelling manner.

    England, Their England

    A. G. Macdonell's 'England, Their England' is an affectionately satirical inter-war comic novel first published in 1933. It hit the right spot at the time and became a bestseller, and has endured as a classic of humour, transcending the passage of time. It is particularly famed for its portrayal of a village cricket match.

    I'm Your Man: The Life of Leonard Cohen

    R280,00 R320,00
    The genius behind such classic songs as Suzanne, So Long, Marianne, and Hallelujah, Leonard Cohen has been one of the most influential songwriters of our time, a man of spirituality, emotion, and intelligence whose work has explored issues of human life - sex, religion, power, meaning, love. This book explores various facets of Cohen's life.

    The Bridge Ladies: A Memoir

    R281,00 R330,00

    Joseph Goebbels

    The best biography ever written about the sex-driven propaganda genius who became an evil mechanic for the Third Reich

    The Faraway Horses: The Adventures and Wisdom of One of America's Most Renowned Horsemen

    Telling the story of Buck Brannaman's life, this book gives horse owners the keys to understanding their animals. Buck Brannaman is a horse gentler - not a horse "breaker" - who has started more than 10,000 young horses in his clinics.

    The Boy Who Played with Fusion: Extreme Science, Extreme Parenting and How to Make a Star

    R293,00 R345,00
    By the age of 11, Taylor Wilson had mastered the science of rocket propulsion. At 13, his grandmother's cancer diagnosis drove him to investigate medical uses for radioactive isotopes. And at 14, Wilson became the youngest person in history to achieve nuclear fusion.