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    Modern American Lives: Individuals and Issues in American History Since 1945

    R3 637,00
    Includes narrative biographies of people who significantly, and sometimes decisively, impacted contemporary American life in a range of areas, including national politics, foreign policy, social and political activism, popular and literary culture, sports, and business.

    Brand of Infamy: A Biography of John Buchanan Floyd

    R2 611,00
    Historians have labelled John Buchanan Floyd a traitor and a coward for his actions during the Civil War. This work reopens the case of this reform-minded Virginia governor and one-time Secretary of War to examine all aspects of Floyd's career.

    A Wider Patriotism: Alfred Milner and the British Empire

    R3 454,00
    When Alfred Milner was knighted, he took as his motto Communis Patria, 'patriotism for our common country'. This is the study of Milner, which takes his politics, or 'constructive' imperialism as its primary theme. It also discovers a group of young female supporters of his vision.

    Quisling: A Study in Treachery

    R2 825,00
    A 1999 biography of the notorious wartime Norwegian leader, Vidkun Quisling, whose name is still used as a synonym for 'traitor'.

    North Atlantic Civilization at War: World War II Battles of Sky, Sand, Snow, Sea and Shore

    R3 457,00
    This text recounts the World War II journey's of a soldier, a ship, and a bottle of spirits through, and around, five turning-point battles, constrained more by geography and climate, than by generals and admirals.

    Australian Between Empires: The Life of Percy Spender

    R3 454,00
    Part biography, part transnational history, this study details the life and career of Percy Spender, one of Australia's most prominent twentieth-century political figures.

    Henry Sidgwick - Eye of the Universe: An Intellectual Biography

    R2 825,00
    This book is a magisterial overview of Henry Sidgwick, one of the great intellectual figures of nineteenth-century Britain.

    Hitz - Kozub

    R6 241,00

    Henry More: and the Scientific Revolution

    R3 232,00
    Thorough, accessible biography of the greatest English metaphysical theologian and peer of Newton.

    Kraatz - Menges

    R6 241,00