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    Soren Kierkegaard's Journals and Papers: Autobiographical, Part Two, 1848-1855: Volume 6

    R1 500,00
    The incidental writings of Kierkegaard provide direct access to the thought of the many-faceted nineteenth-century philosopher

    The Men of Cajamarca: A Social and Biographical Study of the First Conquerors of Peru

    R1 059,00
    The Men of Cajamarca is perhaps the fullest treatment yet published of any group of early Spaniards in America

    The Life and Times of John Trevisa, Medieval Scholar

    R1 468,00
    Tevisa (ca. 1342-1402) was perhaps the greatest translator of Latin into English during the age of Chaucer. Fowler's (English, U. of Washington) study of his life as a child in Cornwall, a student at Oxford, and vicar of Berkeley provides a thorough social and intellectual history of 14th-century En

    Richard Owen: Victorian Naturalist

    R1 759,00
    Richard Owen was, after Darwin, the leading naturalist of 19th century Britain. In the debate over natural selection, Owen was Darwin's most articulate and vociferous opponent. This book rehabilitates his image and provides a detailed account of the schism in Victorian scientific life.

    Excluded from Suffrage History: Matilda Joslyn Gage, Nineteenth-Century American Feminist

    R1 415,00
    The story of Matilda Joslyn Gage, a key figure in the 19th-century women's suffrage movement. Her advanced feminist thought resulted in her exclusion from the movement and its history. Gage connected all of women's oppression to patriarchy and attacked the church as its prime sponsor.

    The Making of a Professional: Manton S. Eddy, USA

    R1 846,00 R2 023,70
    An examination of the life of General Manton S. Eddy. It details his experiences in World War II as leader of the US 9th Infantry Division through North Africa, Sicily and France, and subsequently, as commander of XII Corps, into the heart of Germany.

    Khrushchev: A Political Life: 1995

    R2 350,00 R2 701,27
    This biography traces the rise and fall of the late Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev. His ultimate failure to realize his vision of the Soviet future is linked to the unrealistic optimism of that vision, as well as to the contradictions inherent in his views and politics.

    Magic Chemistry

    R1 858,00
    This is the autobiography of George Olah, a revolutionary whose impact on science is felt even today. His research into superacids yielded the term "magic acids". Olah guides the reader through his long and remarkable journey from growing up in Hungary to winning the Noble Prize in chemistry.

    The Flight of the Mind: Virginia Woolf's Art and Manic-Depressive Illness

    R1 393,00
    A book on Virginia Woolf that contends psychobiography has much to gain from a closer engagement with science. It demonstrates how Woolf used her illness intelligently and creatively in her theories of fiction, of mental functioning, and of self structure.

    Cornwallis: The Imperial Years

    R1 160,00
    This is the second and final volume of the Wickwires' definitive biography of Cornwallis. It details Cornwallis's work in India, his contributions in Britain as master general of ordnance, his tenure as lord lieutenant and commander in chief in Ireland, and his diplomacy in negotiating the peace of Amiens.

    Our Tomorrows Never Came

    R1 005,00
    Many people think of the death camps when they think of the Holocaust. However, for many thousands of Jews, the Holocaust was in their towns and in the fields, the hills, and on the riverbanks.

    The Prison Memoirs of a Japanese Woman

    R1 176,00
    Defiant to the end (she hanged herself in prison on July 23, 1926), Kaneko Fumiko wrote this memoir as an indictment of the society that oppressed her, the family that abused and neglected her, and the imperial system that drove her to her death.