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    Quit Alcohol (for a Month)

    R158,00 R180,00
    There are a lot of people who won't want to admit how difficult it is, but definitely need some help to ease the transition. It's not about willpower alone - it's about changing habits and being ready for the multiple challenges that lie ahead. This book gives an approach to getting the most out of your dry spell with all the emotional, and more.

    Cold Brew Coffee: Techniques, Recipes & Cocktails for Coffee's Hottest Trend

    R183,00 R215,00
    Everything you need to know to explore the cold brew trend at home - from techniques and tips for making your own, to delicious cocktails and recipes.

    Ice Kitchen: Poptails: 50 Sensationally Intoxicating Cocktail Lollies

    R306,00 R360,00
    After their best-selling 50 Lolly Recipes book, Cesar and Nadia Roden are back with a new, grown-up collection of alcoholic ice lollies.

    Aperitivo: Drinks and Snacks for the Dolce Vita

    R285,00 R335,00
    Acclaimed drinks writer Kay Plunkett-Hogge returns with this gorgeous guide to Italy's best dishes and drinks for the aperitif hour.


    R228,00 R232,79
    In Smoothie-licious, Parents magazine editor Jenna Helwig shows how to make 75 smoothies and whole-fruit juices that are both healthy and delicious. Kids will love the bright colours and playful names like Peanut Berry Blast and Mexican Frozen Hot Chocolate; parents will love that they feature nutrient-dense seeds and use no refined sugars.

    Tea: A Very British Beverage

    R211,00 R244,82
    The tale of Britain's greatest love affair begins with the arrival of tea here in the seventeenth century. Since then it has shaped our lives, our history, our work and our culture. So put the kettle on, and read the amazing story of tea.

    Superfood Juices: 100 Delicious, Energizing & Nutrient-Dense Recipes

    R228,00 R259,13
    Serves up a fresh, ultra-healthy take on juicing with 100 flavoursome recipes. This book helps you learn countless secrets that can take your juicing to the next level, with more healthy benefits and delicious rewards.

    Chasing the Dram: Finding the Spirit of Whisky

    R334,00 R353,52
    Whisky will be a great travelogue across the nation that invented this world-famous tipple, through the eyes and taste buds of Rachel McCormack

    Clean and Green: Nutrient-Packed Green Juices, Smoothies, Shots & Soups

    If you are keen to improve your overall health and wellbeing, as well as your weight and physical appearance, there is no easier way to do it than by incorporating green juices, smoothies, soups and shots into your diet. Clean & Green will show you how to cleanse your body from the inside out, make you glow with health and vitality, and more!

    The Home Brewer's Answer Book: Solutions to Every Problem Answers to Every Question

    R211,00 R228,55
    Home brewing - what hobby could possibly be more rewarding than the one that, in a matter of mere weeks, yields fresh beer delights to the happy brewer? This book explains the process of converting malt, hops, yeast, and water into beer. It covers the entire range of situations a home brewer is likely to face.

    Food Plus Beer: Great Food to Eat with Beer

    R369,00 R740,00
    Food + Beer = Happiness. From prolific cookbook author Ross Dobson comes this collection of over 80 relaxed, authentic, international dishes. These flavour-filled recipes, which appeal in their own right, have been chosen for their particular suitability for eating with beer.

    Vodka: A Global History

    R228,00 R259,90
    Vodka: A Global History describes vodka's complete history, from its emergence in Eastern Europe to its future as a global beverage. Attractively illustrated with photographs, paintings and graphic art, this title provides an engaging account of the rise of vodka.

    The Best Beer in the World: One Man's Globe Search for the Perfect Pint

    R334,00 R475,00
    Join award-winning beer writer Mark Dredge as he goes on a quest for the perfect pint.