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    Swarm Planning: The Development of a Planning Methodology to Deal with Climate Adaptation

    R2 607,00
    This book outlines the concept, strategies and techniques for swarm planning. It opens a new, more flexible way of thinking about how to plan for and respond to climate adaptation, based on the behavior of swarms in nature.

    Textual and Material Culture in Anglo-Saxon England: Thomas Northcote Toller and the Toller Memorial Lectures

    R2 915,00
    Thomas Northcote Toller is one of the most influential Anglo-Saxon scholars of the early twentieth century. The Centre for Anglo-Saxon Studies at Manchester has an annual Toller lecture, delivered by an expert in the field of Anglo-Saxon Studies. This volume offers a selection from these lectures.

    A Gallery of Her Own: Annotated Bibliography of Women in Victorian Painting

    R4 133,00
    A guide to the primary and secondary resources on women in Victorian painting in the WOMENS HISTORY AND CULTURE series. Contemporary reviews, books, articles, essays and dissertations are included, along with general studies of women painters and images of women.

    From Summetria to Symmetry: The Making of a Revolutionary Scientific Concept

    R6 595,00
    The concept of symmetry is inherent to modern science. This study is based on primary sources, presented in context: the authors examine the trajectory of the concept in the mathematical and scientific disciplines as well as in art and architecture.

    Technopolis: Best Practices for Science and Technology Cities

    R3 205,00
    Reviewing six years of UNESCO World Technopolis Association workshops, this compilation of reports on science park and science city projects worldwide enables a comparative assessment of knowledge-sector development that will enrich future decision-making.

    The Service Books of the Royal Abbey of Saint-Denis: Images of Ritual and Music in the Middle Ages

    R5 573,00
    A study of the music and ritual at Saint-Denis from the 6th to the 16th century, based on an examination of the liturgical books and archival sources relating to the abbey, in particular the surviving service-books.

    From Paris to Peoria: How European Piano Virtuosos Brought Classical Music to the American Heartland

    R2 804,00
    This is a chronicle of the American visits of five pianists: Leopold de Meyer, Henri Herz, Sigismund Thalberg, Anton Rubenstein and Hans von Bulow. Allen Lott describes the clash between the elegant European pianists and American audiences more accustomed to rodeos.

    Studying Audiences: The Shock of the Real

    R3 026,00
    A critical overview of two decades of audience research into the television audience. The author traces how central tenets within audience studies were challenged by discourses of post-colonialism, fan activism and new theories of writing.

    Colonialism and the Object: Empire, Material Culture and the Museum

    R3 690,00
    This work examines the artistic production of imperial nations and their colonies and aims to show how it was affected by colonial contact. It also presents case studies of objects from India, China and Africa which were collected by or exhibited in the institutions of the British Empire.

    Photojournalism and Foreign Policy: Icons of Outrage in International Crises

    R2 649,00
    This work examines icons of outrage - the indelible images that presidents and journalists alike claim drive American foreign policy and public opinion. It uncovers hidden frames that control the visualization of foreign affairs in major crises, such as the Tet offensive, Tiananmen, and Somalia.

    It's Time for My Story: Soap Opera Sources, Structure and Response

    R2 959,00
    An examination of soap opera sources, structure and response, particularly from the critical viewpoints of psychology, both archetypal and empirical, and popular culture, specifically narratology and feminism, that uncover the true nature of the genre.