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    A History of Video Art

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    Heraldry, Pageantry and Social Display in Medieval England

    Discussion of display through a range of artefacts and in a variety of contexts: family and lineage, social distinction and aspiration, ceremony and social bonding, and the expression of power and authority.

    Billie Holiday: The Musician and the Myth

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    William Claxton: Jazzlife

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    Chicago Boxing

    R409,00 R429,62

    1975 Red Sox: : American League Champions

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    Swarm Planning: The Development of a Planning Methodology to Deal with Climate Adaptation

    R2 620,00
    This book outlines the concept, strategies and techniques for swarm planning. It opens a new, more flexible way of thinking about how to plan for and respond to climate adaptation, based on the behavior of swarms in nature.

    Legendary Locals of Coppell


    Oklahoma City: Film Row

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    Art and Commerce in the Dutch Golden Age

    An account of the Dutch golden age of the 17th century, when the country enjoyed economic success, world power, and tremendous artistic output. It explores the reasons for its success in trade and industry, and the ways that art played a role in the innovative climate of the times.