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    San rock engravings

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    The vast spaces of the Karoo abound with images pecked, incised or engraved onto rock surfaces. These landscape markings, generally known simply as 'rock engravings', were created in the pre-colonial period by San hunter-gatherers who roamed this land in search of sustenance and water.

    Stress Less Coloring: Paisley Patterns: 100+ Coloring Pages for Peace and Relaxation

    R205,00 R233,30
    Stress Less Coloring: Paisley Patterns helps you manage your worries in a fun, creative, and relaxing way. By concentrating on coloring and shading each of the 100 paisley patterns, you'll calm your mind and let go of any tension you may be feeling.

    The Next Thing: Art in the Twenty-First Century

    The Next Thing: Art in the Twenty-first Century is an illustrated collection of commissioned essays that attempt to anticipate, through current artistic productions, the aesthetic sensibility that will define our times.

    Abstract Expressionism

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    Colour Yourself Calm: Happiness

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    Inspired by the bestselling Colour Yourself Calm, Happiness is the first in a new art-therapy adult colouring book series that will help with the practice of mindfulness and relaxation throughout the day.

    M.C. Escher Calendar

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    Escher 2014About the Series: TASCHEN's Wall Calendars feature 12 big and beautiful reproductions, an elegant layout for the days of the month, and all official holidays for your country.

    Poem of the Pillow and Other Stories

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    A comprehensive and beautifully illustrated study of traditional Japanese erotic art.

    The China Collectors: America's Century-Long Hunt for Asian Art Treasures

    R357,00 R420,00
    The untold and fascinating history of the unlikely artistic encounters between the US and China, the youngest and oldest of major powers

    Art in Time: A World History of Styles and Movements

    R1 199,00 R1 410,00
    A world history of art styles, schools and movements.

    Olafur Eliasson

    R633,00 R745,00
    A study of the artist and his poetic explorations of science and perception.

    Brice Marden

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    The perfect introduction to the life and works of Brice Marden.

    Angaza Afrika: African Art Now

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    Utagawa Hiroshige (1797-1858) was one of the last great artists in the ukiyo-e tradition. His greatest talent was in creating landscapes of his native Edo (modern-day Tokyo) and his most famous work was a series known as "100 Famous Views of Edo" (1856-1858). This book provides an introduction to his work and an overview of his career.