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    Thinking Architecturally

    R528,00 R565,00
    In Thinking Architecturally Paul Righini explores the essence of creative endeavour. He argues that it is the ability to distill ideas from many different sources that distinguishes successful design students from others who struggle with design ideas.

    Thinking & Living Like an Architect

    Divided into three chapters, Houses in the City, Houses in the Country and Places People Go To, Thinking & Living like an Architect showcases some of Michaelis Boyd Associates' most spectacular projects, showing site pictures before, during and after construction.

    Inside Smartgeometry: Expanding the Architectural Possibilities of Computational Design

    R533,00 R753,73
    Smartgeometry (SG) is a key influence on the architectural community who explore creative computational methods for the design of buildings. An informal international network of practitioners and researchers, the group meets annually to experiment with new technologies and collaborate to develop digital design techniques.

    Adjaye Africa Architecture

    R615,00 R890,00
    The African continent contains some of the world's most vibrant culture and creativity, and yet its buildings - vernacular, colonial or contemporary - have rarely engaged the interest of Western architects. This seven-volume work is suitable for all those interested in the burgeoning continent.

    Planning as Persuasive Storytelling: Rhetorical Construction of Chicago's Electric Future

    This study looks at the world of political conflict surrounding the Commonwealth Edison Company's nuclear power plant construction programme in northern Illinois during the 1980s. It examines the theory that planning can best be thought of as a form of persuasive storytelling.

    After the Fire: London Churches in the Age of Wren, Hooke, Hawksmoor and Gibbs

    A glorious photographic survey of the London churches built in the sixty years after the Great Fire

    Synagogue in America: A Short History

    The history of the Synagogue and its changing role in American Jewish culture.

    Memorials of Oxford, Volume 1


    The Box: Architectural Solutions with Containers

    R805,00 R929,89
    Whether as single units, piled on top of each other, or placed in a row, covered or cut open contemporary architecture uses shipping containers as extremely versatile elements for a great variety of contexts. This title features contemporary projects that showcase the many functional and creative faces of the utilization of containers.

    Insurgent Images: The Agitprop Murals of Mike Alewitz

    This work contains murals for the Teamsters, the Oil Chemical and Atomic Workers, the Communications Workers, United Electrical Workers, and the United Farm Workers. Other works respond to events such as the 1984 strike of P-9 workers in Austin, Minnesota.

    A World History of Architecture

    R616,00 R1 400,00
    Updated with expanded coverage of twenty-first century architecture, this new edition uniquely comprises a detailed survey of Western architecture as well as architecture from the Middle East, Africa, Central and South America, India, Russia, China and Japan.