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    Modern Fashion Illustration

    R349,00 R546,71
    Modern Fashion Illustration is a perfect book for any aspiring fashion illustrator. A compilation of hundreds of sketches, covering basic garments, patterns and accessories, it's an indispensable collection of drawings for those wishing to develop their own style or even have a career in the fashion industry.

    Hidden Johannesburg

    R330,00 R395,00
    Hidden Johannesburg offers a snapshot of 28 notable buildings. From the stately mansions of the Randlords to their downtown headquarters, the clubs where they socialised and the churches where they worshipped, the architecture of early Johannesburg lives on in sandstone, granite, marble and slate.

    Tattoo-pedia: Choose from Over 1000 of the Hottest Tattoo Designs for Your New Ink!

    R299,00 R370,00
    Bigger. Badder. And more hardcore than ever.


    R321,00 R378,00
    For many decades a country shunned by the free world and divided against itself, is irresistibly nonchalant about discovering that it is next destination in decor and design.

    Mud Chic

    R383,00 R450,00
    In Xhosa culture the headman and elders of a tribe hold the key to all knowledge. In this visual journey to the traditional dwellings and homesteads of the old transkei, the photographer has elevated these rural abodes to a similar status.

    Cape landscapes

    R482,00 R516,00
    In 1834, Sir John Herschel, perhaps the most celebrated astronomer of his time, arrived at the Cape of Good Hope to spend four years observing the southern sky.

    A Country of Cities: A Manifesto for an Urban America

    R366,00 R559,00
    Argues that well-designed cities are the key to solving the United States great national challenges: environmental degradation, unsustainable consumption, economic stagnation, rising public health costs and decreased social mobility.

    Designing Bridges to Burn: Architectural Memoirs by Stanley Tigerman

    R354,00 R387,47
    Anecdotes about American architecture in the last quarter of the 20th century from Stanley Tigerman.

    Scandinavian Design

    R291,00 R300,00
    A guide that includes a detailed look at Scandinavian furniture, glass, ceramics, textiles, jewelry, metalware and industrial design from 1900 onwards, with in-depth entries on over 200 designers and design-led companies, and essays on the similarities and differences in approach between Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and Denmark.

    Beyond Patronage: Reconsidering Models of Practice

    R418,00 R459,34
    Explores contemporary architectural practices and design agendas that are being shaped or enabled by new forms of 'patronage.'

    Home Work: Handbuilt Shelter

    R405,00 R449,58
    Building on the enormous success of his book "Shelter," Kahn continues his odyssey of finding and exploring the most magnificent and unusual hand-built houses in existence.

    Landscapes of Communism: A History Through Buildings

    R251,00 R340,00
    Reveals the history of twentieth-century communist Europe told through its buildings. This is a book about power, and what power does in cities. It is a journey of discovery, plunging us into the maelstrom of socialist architecture.

    Research Methods for Architecture

    R408,00 R790,00
    While fundamentally a design discipline, architectural education requires an element of history and theory, grouped under the term 'research'. This book provides the necessary grounding in this subject, addressing essential questions about what research in architecture can be.