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    Cape landscapes

    R3 524,00
    In 1834, Sir John Herschel, perhaps the most celebrated astronomer of his time, arrived at the Cape of Good Hope to spend four years observing the southern sky.

    Practical Building Conservation: Earth, Brick and Terracotta

    R2 567,00 R2 767,96
    Earth, Brick and Terracotta deals with fired and unfired clay products. It considers their technological evolution, the processes causing deterioration and how these should be assessed and the methods used for their repair and maintenance.

    Courtyard Housing and Cultural Sustainability: Theory, Practice, and Product

    R3 523,00
    Using an innovative architectural and social science approach, this book examines the political, economic, social, and spatial factors that affect cultural sustainability. Supported by a multiplicity of data including: field surveys, interviews with residents, architects, and planners, time diaries, drawings, photos, planning documents.

    Architectural Graphic Standards

    R3 474,00 R3 834,22
    The 'Architect's Bible' since 1932, updated with the latest codes and standards Architectural Graphic Standards is the written authority for architects, designers, and building contractors. It provides comprehensive guidance on the visual representation of materials, products, systems, and assemblies.

    Arts & Architecture 1945-54: The Complete Reprint

    R9 609,00 R11 397,49
    Presents the first part (1945-1954) of the facsimile edition of "Arts & Architecture", which launched the Case Study House Program. This title provides a record of mid-century American architecture.

    Robotic Fabrication in Architecture, Art and Design 2014

    R3 728,00
    This book presents the proceedings of Rob:Arch2014, the second international conference on robotic fabrication in architecture, art, and design. It shows how advanced interfaces can enhance the interaction between users and complex, kinematic machines.

    Architecture for a Free Subjectivity: Deleuze and Guattari at the Horizon of the Real

    R3 453,00
    Reformulates the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze's model of subjectivity for architecture, by surveying the prolific effects of architectural encounter, and the spaces that figure in them.

    Peter Zumthor: Buildings and Projects 1985-2013

    R3 318,00 R4 070,53
    Peter Zumthor ranks among the most important contemporary architects, this is the authoritative monograph on his entire work.

    Architectural Drafting and Design

    R2 737,00 R3 581,26

    FIDIC - A Guide for Practitioners

    R3 707,00
    This introduction to the 1999 FIDIC forms of contract covers the FIDIC Red, Yellow, Silver and Gold books. Consulting engineers, architects and employers will also find reliable information on the White Book as well as pre-contractual and contractual issues.