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    Cape landscapes

    R482,00 R516,00
    In 1834, Sir John Herschel, perhaps the most celebrated astronomer of his time, arrived at the Cape of Good Hope to spend four years observing the southern sky.

    How to Start a Home-Based Landscaping Business

    Landscaping continues to be an in-demand business field for motivated entrepreneurs. This seventh edition includes updated information on business plans, managing both employees and paperwork, taxes, and in-depth discussions on the role social media can play in your successful landscaping business.

    Mud Chic

    R383,00 R450,00
    In Xhosa culture the headman and elders of a tribe hold the key to all knowledge. In this visual journey to the traditional dwellings and homesteads of the old transkei, the photographer has elevated these rural abodes to a similar status.


    R321,00 R378,00
    For many decades a country shunned by the free world and divided against itself, is irresistibly nonchalant about discovering that it is next destination in decor and design.

    In Search of Kings and Conquerors: Gertrude Bell and the Archaeology of the Middle East

    R390,00 R425,00
    The extraordinary life of Gertrude Bell was marked by myriad achievements. Although best known for her desert travels and her part in the creation of the modern state of Iraq, she also made a significant contribution to the field of archaeology. This book explores Bell's achievements, emphasizing the tenacious, inquisitive side of her personality.

    Good House Parts: Creating a Great Home Piece by Piece

    R498,00 R542,76
    Drawing on 15 years' experience as a nationally known author and residential architect, Wedlick identifies hundreds of examples of quality house parts--from doors, windows, and roofing to dormers, columns, and fireplaces. He invites readers to look at their homes in a whole new light.

    Mackintosh: Architect, Artist, Icon

    R274,00 R294,73

    Imaginary Cities

    R264,00 R309,58
    Inspired by the surreal accounts of the explorer and 'man of a million lies' Marco Polo, Imaginary Cities charts the metropolis and the imagination, and the symbiosis therein.

    101 Rules of Thumb for Low Energy Architecture

    R447,00 R450,00
    Sets out the essential elements of low energy architecture in a fresh, intuitive way. With reliable, simple rules that will provide new ideas and refresh the designer's palette, each page focuses on a single piece of advice along with an illustration. There are also plenty of tips and more detailed information for those who wish to dig deeper.

    Chartres: Sacred Geometry, Sacred Space

    R301,00 R460,47
    Explores the magnificent structure of Chartres Cathedral, suggesting its origins lie in Islamic architecture. The study also explores how a particular building or space affects us spiritually.

    Spaces Speak, are You Listening?: Experiencing Aural Architecture

    How we experience space by listening: the concepts of aural architecture, with examples ranging from Gothic cathedrals to surround sound home theater.

    Dream Cities: Seven Urban Ideas That Shape the World

    R282,00 R371,97
    The ideas that became the blueprints for the world we live in.

    Design for Education

    R367,00 R382,20
    Part of the Gensler Monograph series, Design for Education is a survey of modern learning environments from primary schools to universities.

    Yearbook of Agriculture

    R420,00 R437,31