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    Barefoot Architect

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    A former UN worker and prominent architect, Johan van Lengen has seen firsthand the desperate need for a "greener" approach to housing in impoverished tropical climates. This comprehensive book clearly explains every aspect of this endeavor, including design (siting, orientation, climate consideration), materials (sisal, cactus, bamboo, earth), and implementation. The author emphasizes throughout the book what is inexpensive and sustainable. Included are sections discussing urban planning, small-scale energy production, cleaning and storing drinking water, and dealing with septic waste, and all information is applied to three distinct tropical regions: humid areas, temporate areas, and desert climates. Hundreds of explanatory drawings by van Lengen allow even novice builders to get started.

    Speer: Hitler's Architect

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    Order in Space

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    Offering imaginative insight into the area where mathematics and the arts meet, this book may be used as a practical tool by the architect, designer or scientist who has to deal with such problems as defining space, distributing patterns, packing and stacking, and communication links.

    Design Like You Give a Damn 2: Building Change from the Ground Up

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    With the rise in social demand for recycling programs and sustainable living, this volume documents more than 100 new projects from around the world. It is packed with practical and ingenious design solutions that address the need for basic shelter, housing, education, health care, clean water and renewable energy.

    Guide to the Architecture of London

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    'The definitive guide to London's architecture' INDEPENDENT Fully updated for this edition.

    Rosslyn Chapel Decoded: New Interpretations of a Gothic Enigma

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    In the 15th century a new home was built for the priceless holy relics taken from Jerusalem centuries before - a building that, to the initiated, would explain everything about what had gone before and a structure that would be a recreation of the Herodian Temple on the Mount in Jerusalem. This is Rosslyn Chapel and here are its secrets.

    Basics Interior Architecture 03: Drawing Out the Interior

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    "Basics Interior Architecture: Drawing out the Interior" is a comprehensive introduction to the representation of interior space through drawing and modelling. This book introduces the reader to a range of techniques and methods and describes when and where to use them. It explores what one might draw and when.

    Palace Architecture: Imperial Palaces of the Last Dynasty

    "Palace Architecture" explores the transformation of the palace in ancient China, focusing on the Forbidden City (the Imperial Palace in Beijing), the most famous Chinese imperial palace.

    Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture

    Foreword by Arthur Drexler. Introduction by Vincent Scully.

    Design as Politics

    The book argues that design is a vital form of political action, that current political 'solutions' for unsustainability will fail and that a new post-democratic politics must be created. Design must play a major role in this, to become a powerful agent of change for a sustainable future.

    Cut and Assemble Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House

    Construct an authentic copy of the master builder's celebrated residential classic. Detailed instructions and exploded diagrams enable miniaturists to create a two-foot long replica - complete with balconies, platforms, porch and entrance court.

    Alone Together: A History of New York's Early Apartments

    Twentieth-century New York is now famous as the city of "cliff dwellers," but in the second half of the nineteenth century, middle-class apartments in Manhattan were a new and somewhat suspect architectural form. Alone Together presents a history of..."

    Multi-national City: Architectural Itineraries

    Silicon Valley in northern California; New York's internal suburbias; and Gurgaon, a burgeoning corporate city outside of New Delhi: like so many, these cities are caught within the feedback loops of globalization. This title follows three architectural itineraries through three cities and their histories.