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    A Visual Dictionary of Architecture

    The classic, bestselling reference on architecture now revised and expanded! An essential one-volume reference of architectural topics using Francis D.K. Ching's signature presentation. It is the only dictionary that provides concise, accurate definitions illustrated with finely detailed, hand-rendered drawings.

    The Measure of Man and Woman: Human Factors in Design

    R1 077,00 R1 240,88
    Human factors research impacts everything from the height of kitchen counters to the placement of automobile pedals to a book's type size. And in this updated and expanded version of the original landmark work, you'll find the research information necessary to create designs that better accommodate human need.

    Art Deco Interiors: Decoration and Design Classics of the 1920s and 1930s

    R377,00 R635,00
    By the time of the Paris exhibition of 1925 from which Art Deco took its name, the idea that an interior and its furnishings should form a "total look" dominated design. This text displays the flourishing design ingenuity with photographs and illustrations of interiors and individual pieces.

    Rome: Profile of a City, 312-1308

    R679,00 R763,63
    Surveying the city's life from Christian Antiquity through the Middle Ages, this book focuses on monuments of art and architecture as they reflect the historical events, the ideological currents, and the meaning Rome. It tells a story in which the heritage of antiquity intertwines with the living presence of Christianity.

    The Essential Frank Lloyd Wright: Critical Writings on Architecture

    R357,00 R381,43
    Frank Lloyd Wright pioneered a bold kind of architecture, one in which the spirit of modern man truly 'lived in his buildings'. This title presents a compendium of Wright's some of the most critically important - and personally revealing - writings on various conceivable aspects of his craft.

    After Art

    Art as we know it is dramatically changing, but popular and critical responses lag behind. This title describes how art and architecture are being transformed in the age of Google. It provides an original theory of art and architecture in the age of global networks.

    Concise Townscape

    This is a reissue of an influential work with acute observations on the English urban landscape. "Townscape" is the art of giving visual coherence and organization to the jumble of buildings, streets and space that make up the urban environment.

    Tony Hunt's Structures Notebook

    Providing knowledge of physics and structural behaviour, this book explains the structure of 'things', and demonstrates the fact that everything you see and touch, live in and use, living and man-made, has a structure which is acted upon by natural forces and reacts to these forces according to its form and material.

    The Georgian Country House: Architecture, Landscape and Society

    Dana Arnold presents an analysis of the social and cultural significance of the country house, the focal point of Georgian architecture, landscape and society, exploring the meaning of this distinct cultural form using a wide range of examples and approaches.

    Illustrated Encyclopedia of Islamic Art and Architecture: A Comprehensive History of Islam's 1,400-year Legacy of Art and Design, with 300 Colour Photogrpahs, Reproductions and Fine-art Paintings

    R351,00 R537,22
    Provides an in-depth and diverse suvery of 1,400 years of art and architecture from ornate mosques and pottery, to calligraphy, carpets and costume

    The Inspired Home: Nests of Creatives

    R650,00 R840,84
    A gorgeous volume show-casing the homes of 15 creatives (artists, designers, musicians, art directors, perfomers) and how they translate their style into their homes

    Listening:Bohlin Cywinski Jackson: Houses 2009-2014

    R1 002,00 R1 299,48
    This exquisitely designed monograph showcases the latest residential designs by one of the world's leading architectural firms

    Stunning Castles of Scotland

    R175,00 R238,01

    Drawing Architecture AD

    R474,00 R620,00
    We are in the second decade of the 21st century and, as with most things, the distinction between digital and analogue has become tired and inappropriate. This is also true in the world of architectural drawing, which paradoxically is enjoying a renaissance supported by the graphic dexterity of the computer.