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    Metric Handbook: Planning and Design Data

    Rev. ed. of: Metric handbook / [edited by] David Littlefield, 2012.

    Conditional Design: An Introduction to Elemental Architecture

    R235,00 R310,00
    A sequel to Operative Design, this book intends to further explore the operative in design in a more detailed, intentional, and functional manner.

    Project Japan: Metabolism Talks...

    R673,00 R765,00
    Through sheer hard work, discipline, and the integration of various forms of creativity, their country, Japan, became a shining example... when the oil crisis initiated the end of the West, the architects of Japan spread out over the world to define the contours of a post-Western aesthetic. This title presents architecture for postwar Japan.

    Which Contract?: Choosing the Appropriate Building Contract

    R1 112,00
    This guide provides a reliable comparative analysis of the burgeoning number of standard forms of building contract currently available in the UK.

    On the Art of Building in Ten Books

    R684,00 R882,46
    This is the first English translation based on the original De Re Aedificatoria, the exceptionally eloquent Latin text on which Alberti's reputation as a theorist is founded.

    The Image of the City

    R377,00 R439,62
    The classic work on the evaluation of city form.

    A History of Architecture in 100 Buildings

    R491,00 R539,57
    Featuring over 200 photographs, this stunning book by renowned television historian Dan Cruickshank tells the history of architecture through the stories of 100 iconic buildings

    Frank Lloyd Wright

    R856,00 R1 139,59
    This meticulous compilation assembles the most important works from Frank Lloyd Wright's extensive, paradigm-shifting oeuvre into one authoritative and accessibly priced overview of America's most famous architect. The collection spans the length and breadth of Wright's projects, both realized and unrealized.

    Studio Craft & Technique for Architects

    R399,00 R659,00
    Based on the belief that technology and craft are at the heart of design studies, this book encourages students to think of them as aspects of an integrated whole. It also explains the primary elements of construction and structure from first principles, using clear diagrams and drawings.

    Eastbourne in Detail: 2015

    R456,00 R546,98


    R199,00 R244,23

    Glasgow in 50 Buildings

    R308,00 R406,24
    Explores the rich and fascinating history of the city through an examination of some of its greatest architectural treasures.

    Landscapes of Communism: A History Through Buildings

    R272,00 R340,00
    Reveals the history of twentieth-century communist Europe told through its buildings. This is a book about power, and what power does in cities. It is a journey of discovery, plunging us into the maelstrom of socialist architecture.



    How to Study Public Life: Methods in Urban Design

    R467,00 R569,87
    How do we accommodate a growing urban population in a way that is sustainable, equitable, and inviting? This book provides a history of public-life study as well as methods and tools necessary to recapture city life as an important planning dimension. It offers those interested in improving city life, inspiration, tools, and examples.

    Be in a Treehouse: Design / Construction / Inspiration

    R454,00 R849,00
    Pete Nelson is back with more inspiring treehouses from around the world and a practical guide to designing and building them.