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    How to Start a Home-Based Landscaping Business

    Landscaping continues to be an in-demand business field for motivated entrepreneurs. This seventh edition includes updated information on business plans, managing both employees and paperwork, taxes, and in-depth discussions on the role social media can play in your successful landscaping business.

    Thinking Architecturally

    R528,00 R565,00
    In Thinking Architecturally Paul Righini explores the essence of creative endeavour. He argues that it is the ability to distill ideas from many different sources that distinguishes successful design students from others who struggle with design ideas.

    Cape landscapes

    R482,00 R516,00
    In 1834, Sir John Herschel, perhaps the most celebrated astronomer of his time, arrived at the Cape of Good Hope to spend four years observing the southern sky.

    The Architect: Chapters in the History of the Profession

    "The Architect" was one of the first books in 50 years to survey the role of the profession from its beginnings in ancient Egypt to the present. In this edition Dana Cuff considers the continuing relevence of the book and evaluates changes in architectural practice and the profession since 1965.

    Living in Wonderland: Urban Development and Placemaking

    R704,00 R796,20
    Seeks to explore the challenges facing urban development and masterplanning and to look at how the places people live, work and shop in can define a neighbourhood or city. Exploring real-life projects across the globe, this book aims to encourage debate and promote innovative solutions in development and urbanism.

    Banham in Buffalo: P. Reyner Banham Fellowships at the University at Buffalo School of Architecture

    R376,00 R406,24
    Chronicles the work of Peter Reyner Banham, and the legacy he left in the form of the Fellowship Programme via the work of the five Banham Fellows 2005-2010.

    Virilio for Architects


    Roman Architecture

    R1 151,00
    In this comprehensive and accessible text, Frank Sear traces the evolution of Roman architecture during the four centuries from the late Republic to AD 330, when Constantine moved the empire's capital to Constantinople.

    Metric Handbook: Planning and Design Data

    Rev. ed. of: Metric handbook / [edited by] David Littlefield, 2012.

    Conditional Design: An Introduction to Elemental Architecture

    R235,00 R310,00
    A sequel to Operative Design, this book intends to further explore the operative in design in a more detailed, intentional, and functional manner.

    Project Japan: Metabolism Talks...

    R673,00 R765,00
    Through sheer hard work, discipline, and the integration of various forms of creativity, their country, Japan, became a shining example... when the oil crisis initiated the end of the West, the architects of Japan spread out over the world to define the contours of a post-Western aesthetic. This title presents architecture for postwar Japan.

    Which Contract?: Choosing the Appropriate Building Contract

    R1 112,00
    This guide provides a reliable comparative analysis of the burgeoning number of standard forms of building contract currently available in the UK.