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    South African interior designers and decorators are as good as, if not better than many of their British, French and American counterparts.

    Tattoo-pedia: Choose from Over 1000 of the Hottest Tattoo Designs for Your New Ink!

    Bigger. Badder. And more hardcore than ever.

    South African artists at home

    An artistÆs canvas reflects the face he chooses to show to the world, but the place in which that art is made is seldom revealed. Paul Duncan was given unparalleled access into the homes and lives of fifteen of South AfricaÆs most revered artists.

    Fifty Fashion Looks That Changed the 1980s: Design Museum Fifty

    One of two fabulous new titles in the successful Design Museum 'Fifty' series by fashion guru Paula Reed.

    Mario Bellini

    R1 335,00
    The first comprehensive monograph on Mario Bellini, one of Italy's most versatile and influential designers.


    R1 063,00
    Discover the Nordic brilliance of master architect Alvar Aalto.


    A visual exploration of the aesthetics of brick architecture

    Maintainability of Facilities: For Building Professionals

    R1 596,00
    Focuses on spearheading the integration of maintainability, right from the design stage. This title aims to improve the standard and quality of design, construction and maintenance practices to produce efficient facilities that require minimum maintenance. It covers the technical issues related to maintainability of major components of a facility.

    Mud Chic

    In Xhosa culture the headman and elders of a tribe hold the key to all knowledge. In this visual journey to the traditional dwellings and homesteads of the old transkei, the photographer has elevated these rural abodes to a similar status.


    For many decades a country shunned by the free world and divided against itself, is irresistibly nonchalant about discovering that it is next destination in decor and design.

    How to See: Visual Adventures in a World God Never Made

    A new edition of this classic guide to visual appreciation, released on the thirtieth anniversary of its original publication

    Living in the Endless City: The Urban Age Project by the London School of Economics and Deutsche Bank's Alfred Herrhausen Society

    R1 063,00
    An in-depth and multidisciplinary examination of our rapidly urbanizing world.

    The Future of Architecture in 100 Buildings

    Architect and founder Marc Kushner highlights 100 buildings that embody the future of architecture.

    Le Corbusier: Ideas & Forms

    R2 108,00
    Revised and expanded edition of this comprehensive study of Le Corbusier

    Sacred Spaces: Contemporary Religious Architecture

    30 outstanding examples of contemporary religious architecture