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    Igloo Makeover

    R39,00 R78,08
    Whether you want an igloo that's wacky, sporty or perfect for throwing a big bash, this book has lots of ideas to inspire you. It also includes stickers that you can use to decorate the igloos on each page.

    Disney Pixar Finding Dory Unforgettable Activities

    R55,00 R60,00
    Disney Pixar Finding Dory Unforgettable Activities book comes with over 40 fun activities including count the colourful shells and spot the sea differences and so much more!

    2000 Stickers Under the Sea: 36 Bright and Bubbly Activities!

    R69,00 R95,00
    This fun activity book will spark children's imaginations as they complete the underwater scenes and solve the puzzles, using the 2000 included stickers!

    Slimkoppe presteer Afrikaans

    R96,00 R110,00
    Hierdie Slimkoppe Presteer-werkboek vir graad 7 dek die Suid-Afrikaanse kurrikulum vir Afrikaans. Elke boek is propvol kleurryke aktiwiteite wat kinders speel-speel hul taalvaardighede help oefen. Bevat waardevolle notas, wenke en antwoorde vir ouers.

    Digger Sticker Playbook

    R99,00 R201,23
    STICKER PLAYBOOK - DIGGER is a double-sided play mat for toddlers, with a fantastic illustrated short story about a building site, learning activities and 50 reusable vinyl stickers. Sticker activities develop your child's ability to problem solve. Illustrated story route helps your child to discover new, fun words. Engaging illustrations by renowned children's artist, Simon Abbott. Perfect for folding out on the floor, young children will enjoy playing and learning with Sticker Playbook Digger, one of our top sticker books for toddlers. On one side, a simple story accompanies an illustrated route that children can interact with using the stickers, which include spades, cones and construction workers. The play mat can be turned over for kids to complete the sticker activities, covering words, colours, shapes and numbers. Both long concertina pages feature wonderfully detailed illustrations by Simon Abbott for young children to explore. Story extract from Sticker Playbook Digger: Diggers scoop up earth with their buckets to make big holes in the ground. The dumper truck tips a heavy load of rubble into a pile. Fun word, color, shape and number activities for kids: What colors are the bulldozer, digger and truck? Place the color word for each one. Match up the pictures of things you might see on a building site with the correct word stickers words include bricks, crane and worker. How many safety hats are there? Find the correct number sticker.

    Smart-kids skills handwriting

    R35,00 R45,00
    This Smart-Kids activity book covers Handwriting skills for grades 1 to 3 and provide extra practise where children needs it most. The workbook is divided into three levels so that children who learn faster can progress more quickly through the levels, while those who struggle can start with simpler work and build their skills gradually.

    Slimkoppe Afrikaans CAPS

    R96,00 R110,00
    Ontwikkel kernvaardighede volgens die Suid-Afrikaanse Kurrikulum-en Assesseringsbeleidsverklaring (KABV). Notas en wenke vir ouers

    Perfect Prom

    R49,00 R150,91

    Picture Dictionary

    Interactive learning is the keyword in this educational sticker and colouring book.One hundred brightly coloured stickers will help children learn the alphabet and identify a broad range of everyday vocabulary. Ordered alphabetically and with a separate page for each letter of teh alphabet, pictures are clearly labelled. As they find the sticker in teh central sticker pages and place it correctly on the page, children will link the written word with the visual image, which in turn will support their increasing vocabulary.

    Bubble Guppies Mini Colouring Book & Pencil Set

    R49,00 R80,55
    Are you ready to have some fun with the Bubble Guppies? Get creative and use your pencils and stickers to brighten up pictures of Molly, Gil and the other guppies in these six mini colouring books

    Die goorgomgaai aktiwiteitboek

    R39,00 R102,50
    Kom stap deur die donker bos en kom speel saam met die Goorgomgaai in sy eie aktiwiteitboek! Propvol speletjies, kopkrappers, prentjies om te teken en in te kleur en meer as 40 herbruikbare plakkers!

    Shaun the Sheep Movie - Sheep on Set Activity Book

    R95,00 R115,00
    Young fans of the Shaun the Sheep movie can get engrossed in the process of making a film!

    Disney Zootropolis Spirit and Strength: Plus 4 Crayons

    R88,00 R100,00
    Join Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde on their amazing adventure across Zootropolis! Then use these colourful crayons to have some fur-tastic fun!


    A colouring book of animals

    Noddy Paint with Water

    Bring Toyland to life with this simple, but amazing, paint with water title! Noddy and all his friends are waiting to come alive with thing more than water and a paintbrush