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    Frozen Fever Busy Book & DVD


    Poppy Handbag


    Dinosaur World Wallet


    Amazing Balloon Modelling


    My First Toolbox


    Big Time Rush Poster Book

    The band Big Time Rush had a few BIG decisions to make on their road to fame. This poster book, based on the hit TV show, will give fans a close look into the adventures of Kendall, Logan, Carlos, and James. Consumable.

    Humphrey's Book of Summer Fun

    Dear friends, I Love-Love-Love being the classroom hamster in Room 26, Longfellow School. I've learned a lot about reading, writing, maths and making friends... and I've had amazing adventures in and out of my cage, too. But I also love solving puzzles and riddles in the tiny notebook I keep hidden in my cage.

    The Mr. Men Show Touch Screen Activity Book

    An activity book that helps readers see their favourite Mr Men and Little Misses transform right before their eyes. It includes facts and mad-cap puzzles.

    Disney Cars Flip Me Over - Activity and Story Book

    Disney Pixar cars action- packed activities with lots of racing storys and nice pictures inside!

    Pick Up Sticks

    Pick Up Sticks offer the unlikely combination of light-hearted play and a level of suspense normally reserved for defusing a bomb. Games can be short and simple, or drawn-out and epic. The Klut Book of Pick Up Sticks clearly explains the rules to the traditional game, plus a few variations for those with no need for tradition.

    Curse of the Mummy

    When an ancient tomb in the Desert of Skulls turns out to belong to Akharis, a legendary ruler from a previous age, you discover some of his followers are trying to return the evil pharaoh to life. Soon you will have to learn the true meaning of The Curse of the Mummy! It will take a real hero to defeat Akharis and win the treasure.

    Just About Us

    A fill-in bonanza designed for besties. Quizzes, tags, stickers, door hangers and more. Great mates need a place to celebrate their friendship. And this book is it! A place to share your scribbles and photos, spill your secrets and have fun with quizzes and fill-ins. There are stickers, two press-out door hangers, activity ideas and friendship tags to decorate. If you’re a girl and you’ve got friends, you need one of these!