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    Chuggington Construct and Play

    R20,00 R40,00
    Make 4 amazing models Recreate the traintastic world of chuggington in 4 easy steps . Push out the pieces . Fold the tabs . Slot the pieces together . Ride the rails on the depot scene

    Adventurer's Handbook: v. 1

    R20,00 R140,00
    This fantastic binder is packed with new information on the main characters and the Beasts from the first series, plus loads of puzzles, quizzes, stickers, and a poster!

    Igloo Makeover

    R10,00 R78,08
    Whether you want an igloo that's wacky, sporty or perfect for throwing a big bash, this book has lots of ideas to inspire you. It also includes stickers that you can use to decorate the igloos on each page.

    LEGO Friends Brickmaster: Treasure Hunt in Heartlake City

    R249,00 R435,00
    Helps you read and play all at the same time, creating 18 models.

    The Inventor's Apprentice: Bk. 2: Pick Your Path

    R15,00 R85,00
    You just won a contest for creating an awesome new invention. And your prize is to be Gary the Gadget Guy's apprentice for a day! You could help Gary perfect his latest contraption, like a rocket-powered surfboard or a time machine. Or, your apprentice might prove to be a total disaster. Which will it be?

    Poptropica Ultimate Official Guide

    R20,00 R145,00
    Poptropica is a virtual world where kids can play games, learn amazing facts and meet new friends. This title introduces the world of Poptropica. It lets you meet the characters, explore the islands and find out what you need to know to get the most out of your game-playing experience.

    Club Penguin: Meet the Crew Sticker Activity Book

    R10,00 R163,82
    Whether you're new to Club Penguin or a Elite Penguin Force Agent, this book lets you meet the crew and find out more about your favourite penguins - Rockhopper, Aunt Artic, Gary the Gadget Guy, Sensei and Cadence. It includes over 100 reusable stickers.

    Write Your Own Story Book

    R119,00 R211,00
    Suitable for aspiring young writers, this activity book is full of hints, tips and handy tasks for writing stories. It includes writing tips, techniques and methods to make every story a masterpiece, with helpful activities on coming up with ideas, writing from different points of view, and creating characters, settings and story lines.

    1000 Things to Colour

    R79,00 R179,95
    More than just a colouring book - when you've finished you really will have coloured 1000 things! Great for journeys or any quiet moment.

    Disgusting Things Large Blister Pack

    R89,00 R216,91
    Calling all nose pickers, here is a book of 100 disgusting facts and a pack which includes rubbery but very realistic looking fake cockroach, five black flies, 10 creepy spiders, brown dog poo, rusty bloody nail through finger, scorpion, centipede, gecko and slimy snot. A gross fact is that a healthy person may swallow up to two cupfuls of snot a day! Use this pack to scare your friends or gross them out with the disgusting facts you have found out. Suit ages five and up.

    Disney Cars - Copy Colour

    R10,00 R70,00
    Copy Colour get ready for a wild ride! If you want to have perfect coloured pictures of lightning McQueen and all the cars, now you can with this awesome copy colour book! With cool pictures to help you every step of the way, you can colour in lighting, Finn and all the cars exactly as you see them! So get ready to race round the track and bring the world of Cars 2 to life!

    Disney 3d Activity - Cars 2

    R10,00 R50,00
    Join your favourite Cars characters in this awesome activity book. Contains stylish stickers in 3D.

    First Experience Sticker Book - Pre-School

    R39,00 R40,00
    Mia, luke and sophia are experiencing a trip to school for the very first time. are you going to school too?

    CarryAlong - My Pet Dino

    R39,00 R147,86
    Featuring a handy box format to carry around everywhere, this fun dinosaur-themed activity set includes crayons and 40 fun animal pictures to entertain your child and encourage creative development, motor skills, and imaginative play.

    My Pet Piggy

    R39,00 R138,14
    Featuring a handy box format to carry around everywhere, this fun pig-themed activity set includes crayons and 40 fun animal pictures to entertain your child and encourage creative development, motor skills, and imaginative play.

    Essential School Planner

    R20,00 R158,43
    Create great projects, boost your creativity and improve your grades with this essential school planner. This planner has all the top tips you need for school and there is a great diary section to help you plan your homework.