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    Nickelodeon PAW Patrol Pawfect Activity Case: Over 700 Stickers

    R129,00 R170,00
    Nickelodeon PAW Patrol Pawfect Activity Case has over 700 stickers and 4 sticker activity books to complete.

    Monsters vs Aliens - Sticker Activity Book

    R29,00 R69,95
    Susan's wedding ends in disaster when she is suddenly turned into a giant! She's locked up in a prison for monsters, with insect-headed Dr Cockroach, half-ape, half-fish Missing Link, slimy B.O.B. and massive bug, Insectosaurus. When Earth is attacked by an alien, Susan and the monsters are sent to defend it. Can the misfit friends save the world?

    Fantastic Things to Do When You're Bored

    R59,00 R135,82
    Full of arts and crafts, games and activities. There's lots and lots inside to keep every Hello Kitty fan entertained!

    Megamind: Born to be Bad Activity Book

    R25,00 R85,00
    Megamind is mega evil and the only thing standing in his way from controlling Metro City and total world domination is the super-cool, super-handsome Metro Man! Will meanie Megamind thwart mighty Metro Man? Will evil triumph over virtue? Or will Megamind realise that sometimes, just sometimes, it actually feels pretty great to be good?

    Christmas Colouring & Activity Book

    R24,00 R38,95
    Christmas theme Colouring and activity Book.

    Christmas Activity

    R20,00 R40,96
    Festive fun and sparkling stickers! This activity book is jam-packed with things to make and do, puzzles and lots, lots more!

    Christmas Activity

    R20,00 R40,96
    Festive fun and sparkling stickers! This activity book is jam-packed with things to make and do, puzzles and lots, lots more!

    The Mr. Men Show Amazing Heat-reactive Activity Book

    R25,00 R95,00
    Amazing Heat-Reactive Activity Book Rub the heat-reactive shapes on each page to play the wacky Dillydale games and activities! Anything could be hiding underneath the shapes. It could be an answer, it could be an picture or it could be Mr. Messy chewing a sock! Just warm your hands, rub the heat-reactive shapes and all will be revealed!

    Make Stuff: I Made it Myself

    R59,00 R79,95
    What better way to express your style than with things you made yourself? This book is full of quirky, cute and cool ideas for you to make, wear and love. With materials from around you home and the supplies and templates included, it couldn't be easier!

    Igloo Makeover

    Whether you want an igloo that's wacky, sporty or perfect for throwing a big bash, this book has lots of ideas to inspire you. It also includes stickers that you can use to decorate the igloos on each page.

    Bikini Bottom Riddles

    R29,00 R58,95
    What did SpongeBob get when he tried to use karate on a pig? A pork chop! How did the Krabby Patty feel by the end of the work-day? Totally fried! Enjoy these jokes, and many more in this joke book filled with humourous fun.

    Disgusting Things Large Blister Pack

    R89,00 R194,82
    Calling all nose pickers, here is a book of 100 disgusting facts and a pack which includes rubbery but very realistic looking fake cockroach, five black flies, 10 creepy spiders, brown dog poo, rusty bloody nail through finger, scorpion, centipede, gecko and slimy snot. A gross fact is that a healthy person may swallow up to two cupfuls of snot a day! Use this pack to scare your friends or gross them out with the disgusting facts you have found out. Suit ages five and up.

    My Little Pony Colouring Book

    This gorgeous Colouring and Puzzle Book features all your favourite ponies from Ponyville.


    R99,00 R286,95
    Not everyone can draw, but everyone loves to doodle! With pages and pages of doodles to complete, Doodle-ology encourages kids to get creative and will banish boredom throughout the day.

    Digger Sticker Playbook

    R99,00 R201,23
    STICKER PLAYBOOK - DIGGER is a double-sided play mat for toddlers, with a fantastic illustrated short story about a building site, learning activities and 50 reusable vinyl stickers. Sticker activities develop your child's ability to problem solve. Illustrated story route helps your child to discover new, fun words. Engaging illustrations by renowned children's artist, Simon Abbott. Perfect for folding out on the floor, young children will enjoy playing and learning with Sticker Playbook Digger, one of our top sticker books for toddlers. On one side, a simple story accompanies an illustrated route that children can interact with using the stickers, which include spades, cones and construction workers. The play mat can be turned over for kids to complete the sticker activities, covering words, colours, shapes and numbers. Both long concertina pages feature wonderfully detailed illustrations by Simon Abbott for young children to explore. Story extract from Sticker Playbook Digger: Diggers scoop up earth with their buckets to make big holes in the ground. The dumper truck tips a heavy load of rubble into a pile. Fun word, color, shape and number activities for kids: What colors are the bulldozer, digger and truck? Place the color word for each one. Match up the pictures of things you might see on a building site with the correct word stickers words include bricks, crane and worker. How many safety hats are there? Find the correct number sticker.

    The Bash Street Kids School Year Secret Edition

    R20,00 R26,51
    Join the Bash Street Kids with this story and activity book.