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    Animal Origami

    R39,00 R77,93

    Smart-kids English

    R90,00 R110,00
    Children love learning with Smart-kids. Bright illustrations, stickers, creative activities and fun-loving characters bring the South African English curriculum to life.

    Shopkins Create and Play Small Mart: 3D Shop, 100 Press Outs & Scented Stickers

    R89,00 R191,17
    Step into Shopville and shop till you drop with this press-out book that transforms into a 3D Small Mart!

    Disney Pixar Finding Dory Sticker Scenes

    R50,00 R55,00
    Forgetful Dory is very happy living in the ocean with her friends, Marlin and Nemo. But one day, memories of her long-forgotten parents come flooding back to her. With the help of old friends and new, including Hank the octopus, can Dory finally discover her past? Read the story and complete the scenes with your stickers!

    Kung Fu Panda Sticker & Activity

    R29,00 R94,78
    Become a part of the legend in this awesome sticker and activity book, with all your favourite Kung Fu Panda characters. Learn the ways of the Furious Five to complete a variety of exciting activities and games, decorate fun colouring pages and even use two awesome posters to Po-up your room!

    Gold Stars Factivity Travel Through the Amazing World of Wild Animals: Discover the Facts! Do the Activities!

    R69,00 R100,00
    Educational content made fun! Part of a series of interactive, fully-illustrated reference/activity books, where educational content is cleverly integrated with on-the-page puzzles and activities to engage young readers.

    Phineas and Ferb Activity Book

    R29,00 R30,00

    Disney Moana Sticker Scenes

    R50,00 R55,00
    Complete the scenes with over 40 stickers. Featuring illustrated artwork from the new Disney movie, Moana. Story of the brand new Disney movie, Moana, following the story of a young girl from the island of Motunui who embarks on a daring ocean adventure to save her people.

    My Model: Op Die Loopplank

    R59,00 R100,00

    Doctor Who: Companion Activity Book

    R29,00 R85,00
    Helps you to complete the activities and add up your scores to find out if you've got what it takes to travel in the TARDIS. This title also helps to find some friends to play the exciting Companion Challenge game, with press-out Quiz and Challenge cards.

    Tell the Time

    R39,00 R39,58
    Let's Learn Telling The Time is ideal to help teach your child how to tell the time. It is packed with interactive clock activities and bright illustrations that make learning the time fun.

    Marvel Spider-Man Daring Doodles

    R115,00 R145,00
    Sketch Spider-Man slinging his web and defeating the evil villains in this awesome daring doodles book, you can even colour in your own doodles and design your own hi-tech gadgets. A brilliant activity book for young Marvel fans to get creative.

    Dino Supersaurus: Stickersaurus

    R70,00 R100,00

    Shapes and Sizes Fun

    R39,00 R77,81