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    Christmas in Flowertot Garden

    R30,00 R75,95
    A very Merry Christmas from Fifi and the Flowertots! Celebrate Christmas in Flowertot Garden with Fifi and the gang and their fun-packed activity book. Includes Fifi Christmas cards and 200 sparkly stickers!

    Monsters vs Aliens - Sticker Activity Book

    R15,00 R69,95
    Susan's wedding ends in disaster when she is suddenly turned into a giant! She's locked up in a prison for monsters, with insect-headed Dr Cockroach, half-ape, half-fish Missing Link, slimy B.O.B. and massive bug, Insectosaurus. When Earth is attacked by an alien, Susan and the monsters are sent to defend it. Can the misfit friends save the world?

    Lost and Found Drawing and Colouring Book

    R20,00 R60,00
    Once there was a boy and one day he found a penguin at his door...

    Hello Kitty Designer Doodle Book: Part 1:

    R49,00 R93,41
    Get creative with Hello Kitty's Designer Doodle Book!

    Fantastic Things to Do When You're Bored

    R59,00 R135,82
    Full of arts and crafts, games and activities. There's lots and lots inside to keep every Hello Kitty fan entertained!

    Best Friends Activity Book

    R49,00 R135,72
    Hello Kitty loves all her friends and making new ones! This book is packed with fun friendship activities and fab pages to fill in with friendship facts.

    Learn with Hello Kitty: Alphabet Letters

    R20,00 R115,60
    Join Hello Kitty as she shows your child a simple way to learn the alphabet and develop early years literacy skills through lots of fun activities.

    Learn with Hello Kitty: Starting to Write

    R20,00 R121,25
    Hello Kitty helps your child take the next step in getting ready for school in this simple-to-follow guide to starting to write.

    Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Do-it-yourself Book

    R130,00 R160,00
    A Wimpy Kid diary. It lets you draw your own Wimpy-Kid-style cartoons, fill in facts and lists, check out the full-colour comics inside and even write your own Wimpy Kid journal.

    More Magical Fairy Fun

    R20,00 R80,00
    Features fairy quizzes, crosswords, jokes and puzzles of various kinds.

    Horrible Christmas Sticker Book

    R39,00 R139,95
    Containing putrid picture puzzles and wicked word games, this book reveals the curious Christmas customs and the foul festive food of Christmas. It also contains over 100 re-peelable stickers, with which the readers can create their own vile Victorian Christmas and sing-along to Terry Deary's alternative Christmas carols.

    Awesome Egyptians Activity Book

    R39,00 R109,95
    A new departure for the Horrible Histories brand, these new activity books complement the tradition format and add an extra 'must-have' for all Horrible Histories fans.

    Megamind: Born to be Bad Activity Book

    R25,00 R85,00
    Megamind is mega evil and the only thing standing in his way from controlling Metro City and total world domination is the super-cool, super-handsome Metro Man! Will meanie Megamind thwart mighty Metro Man? Will evil triumph over virtue? Or will Megamind realise that sometimes, just sometimes, it actually feels pretty great to be good?

    Humphrey's Book of Summer Fun

    R49,00 R84,00
    Dear friends, I Love-Love-Love being the classroom hamster in Room 26, Longfellow School. I've learned a lot about reading, writing, maths and making friends... and I've had amazing adventures in and out of my cage, too. But I also love solving puzzles and riddles in the tiny notebook I keep hidden in my cage.

    Jumbo Dot-to-Dot Book

    R19,00 R650,95
    A jumbo Dot-to-Dot colouring book to keep the little ones busy, each page has a different picture to teach the kids what number comes next and have fun connecting the dots