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    Sticker Playbook Princess Carriage

    R99,00 R209,42
    STICKER PLAYBOOK - PRINCESS CARRIAGE is a double-sided play mat for toddlers, with learning activities, 50 reusable vinyl stickers and a fantastic illustrated short story about Daisy and her journey to the palace for the prince's ball. The play mat folds away easily after playtime. Your child can use the stickers with the activity pages to develop number and word recognition. You can share the story, full of favorite fairytale characters, with your child whilst using the play mat to keep them engaged. Perfect for folding out on the floor, young children will enjoy playing and learning with Sticker Playbook Princess Carriage, one of our most popular fold-out books for toddlers. On one side, a simple story accompanies an illustrated route that children can interact with using the stickers, which include the fairy tale characters of Rapunzel, Fairy Godmother and Prince Charming. The play mat can be turned over for kids to complete the sticker activities, covering words, colors, shapes and numbers. Both long concertina pages feature wonderfully detailed illustrations by Simon Abbott for young children to explore. Excerpts from the story inside Princess Carriage Sticker Playbook: It's the day of the prince's ball and Daisy wishes she could go. Suddenly in a swirl of stars her fairy godmother appears! A witch stands outside her house. She asks Daisy if she would like some sweets. No thank you, Daisy says. Fun word, color, shape and number activities for kids: Test your fairy tale knowledge and place the correct character names next to the illustrations. What color is the dragon? Find the stickers of the objects and place them on their matching shapes. For example, 'The clock tower is a triangle'.

    Star Wars the Force Awakens Look and Find

    R175,00 R230,00
    Look and Find is everyone's favorite! Search busy scenes for colorful characters, and have hours of quiet fun. In each of the eight full-spread scenes children look for six to eight "find'ems. " The last spread of the book contains bonus find'ems for each scene. Look and Find helps children develop searching and matching skills, while keeping them engaged as they explore this exciting Star Wars episode.

    Disney Zootropolis Judy's Dream Files

    A padded hardback book of secrets; a dream file to be shared with well-loved Zootroplis character, Judy. An interactive activity book for children to enjoy.

    Disney Pixar Finding Dory Dory's Ocean Secrets

    R130,00 R245,00
    Follow Dory on her ocean adventure as she sets out to find her family. Meet the residents of the Marine Life Institute, draw a picture of your best pals and choose what ocean creature you'd like to be. There's so much to do and discover inside!

    Creative Lettering

    R39,00 R69,95
    A box set that lets you have fun with letters.

    Minecraft: The Complete Handbook Collection

    R500,00 R590,00
    Minecraft is a multi-platform block-based gaming sensation available on Xbox, PlayStation, PC and mobile devices. Whether you're in Creative, Survival or Hardcore Mode, this book contains all the advice you need to survive and thrive.

    Disney Teen Beach Movie Book of Secrets

    R39,00 R97,31

    Glitter Art

    R39,00 R59,95
    The kit contains everything you need to make lots of glitzy projects.

    Convertible Playbook Farm

    R99,00 R371,97
    Convertible Playbook Farm is part of an exciting new series for children aged 3+. It's a storybook, playmat and pop-out building all in one, beautifully designed to capture young childrens' imaginations. Children can read all about life at a farm, then fold out the mat and barn.


    R49,00 R170,86

    Minecraft Combat Handbook

    R125,00 R140,00
    Minecraft is a multi-platform block-based gaming sensation available on Xbox, PlayStation, PC and mobile devices. Whether you're in Creative, Survival or Hardcore Mode, this title will teach you how to defend your home, build a fort, set cunning traps, thrive in PVP mode, evade death in the Nether, and battle the dreaded ender dragon.

    The 10 Best Games of All Time

    R129,00 R514,12
    Introduces children to ten classic pastimes in one crafted compendium. This book offers well-loved favourites like Solitaire or Snakes and Ladders to lesser-known treats like Bizingo or the Goose Game.

    Busy Book Animal Antics

    R99,00 R173,55


    R69,00 R143,87
    Learning is fun with Go Diego Go! Write, slide & learn: 123 Your Child will help diego find missing numbers, solve puzzles and complete activities that will encourage development of essential mathematical skills. they will learn counting, number words, numerals, problem solving and more

    Moshi Monsters Official Annual: 2014

    R25,00 R180,00
    A title that takes you to the Seventy Seas around Monstro City and explores the islands with Buck and his crew for new pirate booty.

    Thomas and Friends

    R245,00 R280,00
    An engaging storybook and toy in one activity kit!