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    Soup of the Day

    R513,00 R569,06

    Poetic Trucker Broken Dreams

    R457,00 R471,37

    La Casa de Cumpleanos de Wilbur

    R384,00 R389,96

    Crotchety D. Curmudgeon and the Lovebirds

    R428,00 R438,80

    Tale of Witchy Muldoon


    Barns and Portrait Paintings

    R924,00 R1 058,34

    Neurowisdom: The New Brain Science of Money, Happiness, and Success

    R390,00 R423,17
    Perfect for readers of How God Changes Your Brain, two researchers present over thirty straightforward brain exercises to help readers transform how they think in order to generate happiness and success, in business and in life.

    ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror

    R431,00 R471,37

    Airpower Applied: U.S., NATO, and Israeli Combat Experience

    R1 174,00
    Tells the story of the evolution of airpower and its impact upon the history of warfare. Through a critical examination of twenty-nine case studies in which the United States in various coalitions and Israel played significant roles, the book offers perspectives on the political purpose, strategic meaning, and military importance of airpower.

    The Leader's Bookshelf

    R445,00 R487,65
    For the last several years Adm. James Stavridis and his co-author, R. Manning Ancell, have surveyed over two hundred active and retired four-star military officers about their reading habits and favourite books. The Leader's Bookshelf synthesizes their responses to identify the top fifty books that can help virtually anyone become a better leader.

    Applied Engineering Sciences

    R2 349,00 R2 360,91